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Apple Body Shape: Dos and Don’ts When Styling Jumpsuits!

Mariam Youssef
7/11/23, 12:00 PM

Jumpsuits typically have fitted silhouettes, which draw attention to the body's shape, which makes them potentially unforgiving. Choosing a jumpsuit that doesn't emphasize the broader midsection is necessary for people with the apple body type. Jumpsuits with broader waistbands and shorter lengths will draw more attention to your legs. Apple shapes are smaller on the bottom and have more volume at the top. Therefore, choosing the right jumpsuit will truly accentuate your figure. That said, we’ll show you how to style jumpsuits for apple body shape.

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Best jumpsuit styles for Apple body shape

Wrap jumpsuits

To draw attention to your neck and shoulder areas, choose your jumpsuit with a top that has embellishments around those areas. Tops that wrap over your natural waist and flare out at the hip are a nice alternative. This will mask a larger tummy. Look for clothes with diagonal lines, large designs, and texture if you want to conceal some additional weight around your belly. These conceal more effectively than solid colors.

Wide legs

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The lower body should be as slim as possible when choosing trousers for an apple-shaped body. On an apple body type, wide-leg, flowing trousers look great because they balance the broader stomach with the slimmer legs. Strong back and/or side pockets, like those on cargo pants, will accentuate your hips' contours. Flat-fronted trousers are preferred; they shouldn't stick to your body.

Vertical stripes

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A jumpsuit can dramatically lengthen your torso and be one of your wardrobe's most flattering items if you wear it properly. The all-in-one shape creates an uninterrupted vertical line that could give short people the appearance of being taller.

Pleated flare

Women with apple body shapes look fantastic in flared pants. You can easily accentuate your curves with flares! Your shoulders and midsection will be balanced by the flared hem, giving you a curvier shape. Try different types of flares to see which flatters your apple shape and personal style the best, from slim to wide-leg flares.

Empire waist

A gown with an empire waistline has a high waist that sits just below the breast and flows down to the hem. This waistline frequently goes with an A-line silhouette, which can tighten you in over your natural waistline and give the impression that you are taller and slimmer by lengthening your body.

Least flattering jumpsuit styles for Apple body shape

Although you have the utter and complete freedom to choose whichever style you like, we’d like to suggest some styles that may not flatter your body shape and highlight the areas that you may like to conceal.

High and narrow necklines

Open necklines tend to broaden your shoulders, which balances your body out, resulting in a balanced appearance. On the contrary, high and narrow necklines will make your body have an unbalanced appearance as they will make your shoulders narrower and your midsection bigger.

Jumpsuits with fitted sleeves

Because women with apple body shapes have naturally smaller shoulders and busts, they need to wear flared items at the top to broaden these areas. Fitted sleeves do nothing for your body; they actually make you look even smaller at the top, which gives an unbalanced appearance.

Tapered pants

Jumpsuits with tapered pants may look nice on some, but they may not look as cute on others. They tend to accentuate your slim legs, which makes your upper body look larger. The best pant styles for you are cargo, wide-leg, flare, flowy, and bootcut.

Tight fitted jumpsuits

The worst thing you can do to your body shape is to dress it incorrectly. Stay away from tight and fitted jumpsuits as they will highlight everything in your body that you may not want to emphasize.

A jumpsuit is an excellent piece of clothing that is elegant as well as easy to wear. However, because it’s a one-piece item, it can be tricky to style, especially when you don’t know the best style for your body shape. If you have an apple body shape, make sure you stick to the mentioned tips to rock any jumpsuit you put on.



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