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9 Tips on How to Care For Your Luxury Designer Clothing and Accessories

Mariam Youssef
7/9/23, 1:00 PM

It costs a lot of money to own beautiful clothing by your favorite designers. They are not only more expensive, but they also demand more upkeep and attention than standard store-bought apparel. When you spend a significant amount of money building a designer closet, you must ensure that you take the necessary precautions to keep it looking nice. Perhaps you may already know or practice some of these strategies, but if you're new to the luxury game, this article may be helpful. Keep reading to know 9 tips on how to care for your luxury designer clothing and accessories.

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1- Never overlook the care label!

This should go without saying, yet we know plenty of folks who ignore this easy rule. The label exists for a reason, and if you don't want to destroy your clothes, you ought to adhere to the directions on it. These suggestions are not intended to irritate you! Follow the instructions not just for what to do, but also for what not to do. As an example, never, ever wash wool or silk materials in your washing machine. You'll be literally throwing away your money.

Hand washing with a moderate detergent is usually a safe alternative. Additionally, clean stains as soon as possible; don't let them rest and settle in the fabric.  Moreover, soaking the stained area overnight will assist to dissolve the chemical, making cleanup easier.

2- Invest in a stiff brush

A stiff cleaning brush with goat or horse hair is required for pricey coats and blazers. These brushes not only erase lint, but they also remove any dust or genuine filth that may have accumulated on your winter outerwear. Jackets are rarely washed, but brushing them with this tool after every wear will keep them looking new for longer. It is a low-cost gadget that is worth every penny if you want to keep your garments in good shape for a long time.

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3- Get a high-quality steamer

A high-quality steamer is another item that is slightly more expensive but well worth it. You'll save plenty of cash in the long run, especially if you don't want to straighten your clothes or go to the dry cleaning store on a regular basis. Make sure you have a model that has several options for various kinds of materials. Because ironing damages the tiny threads of those pricey textiles, many delicates require steam cleaning. For embroideries, sequins, and beaded things, utilize your steamer in the proper settings.

4- Storage is key

Correct storage of your expensive clothes is critical to keeping them in good condition. You might just want to hang it in plastic or toss it in a container at first, but there are some extra precautions needed in order to preserve the material. We're confident you'd agree that buying high-quality apparel is an investment.  Investing in the right things to protect them is also important. Garment bags made of breathable fabrics, such as muslin and acid-free tissue paper, for example, are excellent solutions for storing your pricey items.

5- Hang them properly

Please do not lay a piece of clothing after wearing it in a corner, on a chair, or worse, on the floor. If you leave your goodie items bunched up for a long period of time, the dampness from your sweat will destroy them if you make it a habit. Spend two seconds more to hang it on its proper hanger. It will prevent needless crumples and creases and will preserve its shape for a much longer period of time. After all, the reason you spend so much money on designer labels is that you love to look nice, right?

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6- Good quality hangers are crucial!

While we’re on the subject, let’s just agree that using high-quality hangers will extend the lifespan of your designer clothing. We recommend you get rid of those wire hangers since they're useless in your closet. If you like, you can purchase monochromatic silk hangers, velvet hangers, or wood hangers. Whatever you decide, try to get them in the same color. Your clothes will retain their appearance and form, and your wardrobe will look neat and tidy as well.

7- Don’t mix your daily clothes with your luxury ones

Many items of clothing, especially fancy ones, do not require washing after each use. Because you're unlikely to use them for garden work or exercise, the chances of them acquiring dirt on them are too little. Normal body odor can be transferred, especially in the open fresh air. If you don't have a backyard or a balcony, hang your designer clothes in front of an open window for a few hours after each wear. When it's time to hang them, keep them away from freshly laundered garments. Fragrances that remain on worn clothing might attract bugs, so keep this in mind when deciding where to store your items.

8- Care for shoes and bags too

We used to believe that shoes could be placed on the floors; however, moisture gets trapped in the flooring, causing mold and dampness, which you don't want around your expensive shoes. Instead, provided you have the space, keep them in a custom shoe organizer, or wrap them in fabric dust bags. Avoid using bins or plastic boxes. They may offer you a uniform appearance, but they also produce dampness. Hardwood shoe trees will keep extra moisture and odors away from your shoes. And, to retain their shape, your bags can be stored upright and packed with tissue paper.

9- Leather, metals, and fur need more love

Leather, fur, and metal luxury objects require special care to maintain their gloss and polish. The condition of the leather, fur, and metals impacts the general worth of the luxury item, depending on where it is stored. It is sometimes unavoidable since they are used in places where you would naturally use them – bag handles and straps, sandal straps, boot buckles, and so on. As a general rule, buy luxury products in dark colors because they are the easiest to take care of. Keep your high-end things away from lotions, fragrances, and even pencils, as spills can create stains.

Whether the items you own are Louis Vuitton shoes, Chanel bags, or a Gucci dress, you need to take care of them more than anything else in your wardrobe, particularly because you paid a significant amount of money while buying them. Make sure you follow the mentioned tips to keep them preserved in the best way possible.

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