Happy New Year! It's already 2019, seems like it was only yesterday when we were picking out our 2018 New Year's Eve outfits. A lot of people tend to wear dresses for their end of the year celebrations, but what if you're bored of wearing the same sequin dress over and over again? What if you don't feel like shaving your legs that day and what if you just don't want to freeze your legs off? 

Thankfully fashion has given us more options. Below are some ideas for New Year's tops instead of dresses. You can get really creative with wearing a cool top and styling it how you want to. You can even wear jeans with a sparkly top for a more casual take on your New Year's outfit. But you can dress it up with statement blazers, belts and thigh high boots, you might even find your party outfit in your wardrobe right now

Take a look at the stunning options below and have a beautiful 2019!  

Main Image Credits: Instagram @kineticsnailsegypt