Blazers have been around for a seriously long time, originally the design for the top of men’s suits, fashion has evolved throughout the years as women’s role in society has. Now, where do we begin? Blazers have transcended through time and fashion to become a classic staple in all of our closets, they never go out of style, are super practical and can be paired in so many ways. A classic work look, a casual running around town or grabbing a bite to eat with friends, or even for more serious events, there are endless ways to create a look from a blazer. We’re giving you a rundown on blazers, how to pick one and trending blazer looks for some cute outfit inspo!

How to pick the right blazer

  1. When we say the fit is key, we mean it: There are three elements we consider when looking at blazers, the hemline- whichever slightly go past the hip bone, the sleeves- which should reach the first joint of your thumb and the shoulders. This is the basis to consider when thinking about the fit of a blazer. If the fit itself is not correct, one may find that the blazer is ill-fitting, and looks slouchy, messy, or unpolished. If the blazer is oversized, one or two of these elements may be exaggerated (for example the sleeves may be larger or the hemline) but the other element(s) must remain the same to ensure it looks polished.
  2. The material: When picking a blazer, you should consider the occasion it is for as this will help, thicker blazers are genuinely more worn in the colder months of the year and are generally seen as more ‘classic’. They could be made of materials such as wool, cotton and flannel as well as other materials that can be layered to achieve the sturdy thickness of the blazer. More flowy and breathable blazers are generally worn in the summer and for more casual occasions. Materials like silk and linen mean the blazer is more summer-friendly.

The top blazer trends, just in case you were thinking of going for a dull classic look:

1. Oversized galore

blazer looks and trends

Image credits: Pernille TeisbaekJen Ceballos,Lauren Johnson

The oversize trend is real, and it comes in all different forms, styles, and pieces of clothing, including and especially, blazers. Oversized blazers look so chic and business casual, we really don’t know why they weren’t the norm, to begin with. Now that we’re here, you can style your oversized blazers with a normal top, bodysuit or crop top underneath them with colour coordinating pants or even jeans for that Frenchy girl look. Oversized blazers are so versatile, and are not limited to office and work activities, but are a fashionable excuse to look important even if you’re not, they can be worn out with friends, to run errands or even to have some coffee.

Some extra advice: See the majority of oversized blazers are exaggerated on the shoulders, giving them a cool slouchy look, so that’s most likely the look was going for here.Make sure you remember the three dimensions of a blazers fit, and that at least one or two are still in place so that the initial ‘oversized’ element of the blazer is balanced out. 

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 2. Leather lather your issues away!

blazer looks and trends

Image credits: mimicuttrellTania Sarin AraradianSheryl Luke

Ok, can we stop and have a moment of silence for how cool this is, seriously? 90s fashion rejoice. We love leather, and we’ve been wearing long leather jackets for a couple of years now, but leather blazers that go down right up until your knees are such a vibe. While you’ll be seriously giving for this look, you’ll feel straight out of the matrix.

Some extra advice: You only need one to keep you at bay all winter, so make sure you look around and see several options before investing your money into one.

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3. A staple: Plaid blazers

blazer looks and trends

Image credits: Vogue, Harpers BazaarIman

We’re pretty sure you already have one, and if you don’t there must be one somewhere around your house. This style of blazer and plaid print in general never go out of style either way. So even if you have to spend a little, it’s completely worth it. Plaid blazers can be worn in so many different ways, alone, with matching pants in a set, with plain neutral pants, or even leather pants.

Some extra advice: If you’re going to wear a plaid set, plan the shoes accordingly, the cute look will be washed out if you wear boring shoes, instead opt for some cool boots maybe (maybe something chunky, platform or heels to add volume and definition to your silhouette). If you’re going to wear pants that don’t match, make sure the fit of the pants doesn’t look weird in any way with the top and flow well together.

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4. The power suit

blazer looks and trends

Image credits: Harpers BazaarTania Sarin AraradianZendaya

There’s something about a woman in a suit that just empowers us, oozing the power and confidence we should have in our daily lives, at work and in society in general. Traditionally for men, it is now a power symbol for us as women. The diversity of a suit is endless, it is suitable for work, events, socializing and just looking good in general.

Some extra advice: Get some neutral suits first, greys, creams and beiges, browns, but then try to not fry away from colour for once and try a blue or red. Just remember, neutrals first if you’re overthinking it.

5. Blazer dresses 

blazer looks and trends

Image credits: Tina Maria, Petra PepamackShay Mitchell

These are honestly adorable and can be found almost everywhere now. Such a unique way to wear a blazer were not surprised this trend went viral. It’s super easy to wear or can be either layered or worn on its own (you would wear a turtleneck under the blazer dress or open the dress and layer a top and shorts under, or you know, some biker shorts (which is also a really good option if your cold or want something to cover up/with some tights maybe).

Some extra advice: If you want to just try this out and see how you feel about it first, get an oversized blazer from somewhere in the house and close the buttons right up (a belt, if need be, which we don’t think) and pair with some boots, et voila, you have a blazer dress.

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