The Story Behind Viva Magenta: Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year

Nour ElBakry
12/8/22, 10:50 AM

Pantone makes an unexpected bold choice for this year’s color.

 As we are saying goodbye to 2022 , Pantone introduced its most awaited 2023 color of the year; Viva Magenta, an unconventional bold and vivid shade of pink. This rich hue comes from the red family with a mixture of purple.
The inspiration behind Viva Magenta, or its code 18-1750, comes as an introduction to the new technology we are yet to discover called the Metaverse. They created an art exhibition “Magentaverse" taking place this December in the U.S to discover rooms with limitless sights, sounds, and feelings influenced by the Pantone Color of the Year 2023.

With the arrival of Viva Magenta to fashion, it brings back the “Barbiecore” trend. It expresses bravery and fearlessness to those who choose to purchase this color as it tends to promote liveliness, optimistic energy and gives power to those who choose to wear it. 

Also, Executive director of the Pantone institute Leatrice Eiseman, mentioned how “There’s no way you’re going to walk into a room if you’re wearing this color and not have attention go to you. It’s audacious. It’s witty and inclusive—it welcomes anyone and everyone with the same rebellious spirit.”

The upcoming trendy Fashion purchases will definitely include this bold choice of color. For example, Marc Jacobs released this fabulous makeover to its famous tote bag with a Viva Magenta color option for those seeking to be in style.

Marc Jacobs
The Shiny Crinkle mini tote

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After learning about the color of the year, it’s for you to blend it into your 2023 wardrobe


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