It’s 2021 and fashion is oh so fluid! Gender neutral clothing has been taking the fashion world by storm, brands such as Adidas, Zara, and H&M have been releasing lines made to be worn by both men and women. But what about clothing from the separate sections for men and women in clothing stores? Shouldn’t we not limit ourselves and be able to shop from both sections, when our daily wardrobes consist of shirts, t-shirts, and jeans? Wouldn’t we have a lot more options? It’s tempting, and most of us have already done it, stealing a shirt from our parent or partner's closet and wearing a top under it, but there are many other ways to style clothing from the men’s section. Now we're going to give you a walkthrough of how to jazz up your wardrobe by simply considering items from the other section. This article is a rundown of what to buy from the men’s section 101.

What to buy from the men’s section:

Shopping from the men’s section for men’s shirts


Image credits: POPSUGAR, PrettyLittleThingDana Hourani

It's everyone’s favourite summer wardrobe staple lately, it’s easy to pair with your everyday closet when the weather is sunny but you don’t want to bare your arms, or just feel like having one on. With shorts, crop tops or tank tops, over dresses, as a cover-up and of course with pants, we don’t know someone without at least a couple number of shirts, right? It’s very convenient for the beach, you could never go wrong wearing an oversized linen or cotton shirt on top of your one-piece or bikini or with a pair of shorts or a skirt, what a cute oversized outfit for the beach. Shopping in the men’s section for shirts is so easy, considering how oversized galore is trending, you barely have to try anything on just in case it won’t fit. You could look for dress shirts, such as the ones above, or regular fit and oversized t-shirts. An oversized outfit from the men’s section is the best way to go. 

Shopping for t-shirts from the men’s section


Image credits: adikaDana HouraniCourtney Mawhor

T-shirts are a classic summer staple, they’re worn everywhere and to everything. In the city running errands, by the beach as a cover-up, dressed up or down, they’re very important in everyone’s summer wardrobes. Styling t-shirts is just as easy as their more formal partner, there are a million oversized and regular fit shirts in the men’s section waiting to be discovered; the options are endless.  You could pair them with a pair of biker shorts, this summer’s hottest and easiest look to recreate. Expanding your wardrobe by looking in the men section could not be easier. The oversized t-shirt trend became popular last year, apart from being super comfy is cute too and is here to stay! An oversized outfit from the men’s sections is fit for every occasion.

Men’s blazers


Image credits:Olivia CulpoThePlaceSarah Jo Holder

We’ve all seen some of our favourite influencers or supermodel Bella Hadid rock oversized blazers as either part of their suits or as dresses, and we all thought to ourselves wait why didn’t I think about that? Well, we're late to the party but we can have some fun, right? To sport this trendy look just borrow your dad or partner's blazers from work or events, yeah we’re serious. The result is an oversized outfit match made in heaven. Chic, convenient and summery, a white blazer such as the one above could really show off your tan. A blazer as a dress closed by a belt or worn with a skirt like in the picture above is the summer outfit you didn’t know you needed, imagine going out to eat with your gal pals after a long day by the beach looking all cute and dressed up, you could pair it with heels, sandals or sneakers.

Sweaters and pullovers from the men’s section


Image credits: Karen WazenPrincessPollyPOPSUGAR

Another item to shop from the men’s sections is sweaters, modelled in the picture above by Karen Wazen, you'll defnintley find a simpler item to steal from your boyfriend's closet. Despite it not being the most convenient item of clothing for the summer, on those chilly breezy nights they'll come in handy. You could pair it with some shorts, a skirt or even over a dress. (maybe even as a dress!). If you can’t catch your hands on one pre-owned, or are as single as us, you’ll find so many more diverse options of sweaters in the men’s section to pull of this underrated look.

Unisex or gender neutral clothing

Many brands have released collections that cater to both men and women without a certain or specific section, but are for all. Shirts and t-shirts mostly, and even pants! Considering how easy it is to pair articles from the other section with our own, it just makes it so much easier to shop all the different varieties.

Fits from the men section we are loving lately:

Stan Smith x Adidas


Image credits: Adidas Stan Smith

Stan Smiths collection of t-shirts, shorts, sweaters and their iconic 3-stripe tracksuit in green are a few options to consider adding to your closet. A pair of Stan Smith sneakers are the perfect addition to your closet, timeless, and go with anything and everything, you could easily pair the sneakers for daily outfits, and to spice things up with a blazer dress for example. This gender neutral collaboration is giving us all the looks we need for this summer.



Image credits: Collusion

The brand mostly focuses on all types of tops, but we are living for their funky and contemporary designs and very cool aesthetic. Their collections include formal and informal wear, with so many different colors, prints and patterns to choose from, you could really style their pieces whichever way you want, as an open-top concept or as a more modest look these pieces really do look like they’re stolen straight out of your boyfriends wardrobe. The versatility of the brand is what it makes it so special, now you and your man can match around town.