One of the reasons we love summer is that it is when we can go to the beach, visit coastal cities, and enjoy the best parties and events. We also get to rock some awesome outfits that are not jackets, coats, or boots. You get to wear your lightweight party clothes and enjoy the breezy air by the sea. So, we’re here to share 30 outfit ideas that you can wear to this event or any similar one, so keep on reading.

For Over-the-Top Girls

summer coastal party outfits fustany

If you like to look super attractive, edgy, stylish, and daring, we have just the right outfits for you. The easiest thing to do is to style your lace bra with your favorite pair of jeans and heels and you will just be on fire. You can also style your bra with a lace, transparent top and a mini skirt for an extra bit of glam. Some of you may want to style their subtle bras with over-the-top pants. So, if that’s the plan, pair a plain bra with a chiffon, transparent, statement pants for a daring look. Moreover, if you like hot shorts, you can style a sequins crop top with your hottest hot shorts and wear them under a net, sparkly dress. Don’t forget to wear some daring accessories too to complete the edgy look.

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For Feminine Look Lovers

summer coastal party outfits fustany

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Girls who like to shine and look feminine can wear various outfits to unleash their inner cuteness. Since coastal parties and events take place by the sea, you want to wear something breezy yet stylish. You can start by the color and when we say a feminine color, nothing speaks louder than pink and red. Wear a set of crop top and mini skirt of the same color or rock that little red dress so you can look sexy as well as feminine. Moreover, cute floral short dresses can be suitable and fun. If you’re not into dresses, you can always go with slit cut skirts and a hot top to accentuate your body and look effortlessly sexy. No matter what your chosen outfit is, don’t forget to wear a sexy lip and cute makeup that goes perfectly with your overall look.

For Keeping-It-Simple Girls

summer coastal party outfits fustany

If you don’t like wearing over-the-top outfits or showing too much skin, we’ve got you covered. You want your look to be casual and slick at the same time. So, you can wear your jeans and style it with a nice blouse and heels. You can also rock a jumpsuit, be it long or short. If comfort is important to you, you may want to wear denim overalls over a simple t-shirt and pair them with sneakers.

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Beach parties or coastal events are super fun and easy to enjoy. Choosing your outfit can be a little tricky because even though they’re parties, they’re not formal and they’re on the beach. Wear whatever feels right and makes you confident and happy. For more inspiration, check out the pictures below in the gallery.

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