Are You a Bride-to-Be? We've Prepared Your Beauty Treatment Planner For The Big Day!

Mariam Youssef
8/31/23, 10:00 AM

It's finally time to get down to the details of looking amazing on your wedding day now that you've enjoyed the beautiful phase of your engagement. Of course, we're referring to developing your pre-wedding beauty routine, and there is no better time than right now to choose a schedule that will enable you to feel and look radiant on the big day. Fortunately, creating this routine is much more enjoyable than selecting where your quarreling cousins should sit at the reception. It's also a terrific method for the bride to exercise self-care. Additionally, each step will help you achieve the ideal look for your wedding day, from softer skin to stronger hair to makeup that lasts all night. Read on to know everything about beauty treatment planners for brides-to-be.

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6-12 months prior to the wedding

Build a healthy lifestyle

Start consuming the recommended 8 glasses of water daily. Maintaining proper hydration will help your skin look radiant in no time. Planning the most important day of your life can be stressful and exhausting; adding health issues to the mix won't help. Start consuming healthy options and opt for taking multivitamins to boost your health. Moreover, see your doctor so they can provide you with the best skin treatment plan if you wish to address skin conditions like acne or rosacea before your wedding (and it's entirely acceptable if you don't!).

Start a facial ritual

Start a daily facial routine that includes double cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. That requires removing your makeup each night! Wear sunscreen even if it's cloudy outside. Investigate the products you need for your age and skin requirements. Invest in some samples and see which items perform best for you; there are many excellent options available for any price range. Now is also a great time to start getting regular facials or massages, if you have the money to do so or if it’s something you want to do.

And a hair routine too

Starting to prep your hair now is a wonderful idea as well. using frequent hair masks, getting cuts on a regular basis, and talking to your stylist about any planned changes to your hairstyle or color. So, it’s wise to start looking for a hairdresser now to align with them what needs to be done with your hair to be in the best shape and condition on your wedding day.

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4 months prior to the wedding

Experiment phase

If you're considering modifying your hair color, do so right away so you have time to make a change if you're not satisfied. Establish your wedding morning glam crew and begin scheduling your hair and makeup trials! Try with a few different looks, but always remember to be true to yourself and go with the look that makes you feel the most at ease. You may also want to try the wedding nails you’re going for, especially if you will apply acrylic nails.

Dentist visit

Professional teeth cleaning is always a good idea, and scheduling it early will allow time in your busy schedule in case you experience any problems or decide to have your teeth whitened. You can choose to get your teeth whitened professionally or at home with inexpensive whitening kits.

Invasive skin treatments

We don't believe that getting big cosmetic operations done before a wedding is required, but if you are thinking about getting any invasive skin treatments like fillers, Botox, any other or cosmetic procedures, now is the perfect time to get them done so your skin has time to recover from them.

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4-6 weeks prior to the wedding

Eyebrow tinting and shaping

If you want to drastically alter the shape of your eyebrows, start the procedure earlier (around four months) to allow for more time for growth. However, reshaping and tinting can begin six weeks beforehand. It is wise to allow enough time for you to get used to them or change them in case you don’t like how they look.

Last-minute procedures

Give yourself enough time to recover in case you experience an allergic response if you are having any last-minute procedures performed, such as facial peels, exfoliating facials, or utilizing any new products. Increase your body moisturizing and make sure it's a daily habit. If you're getting waxed before your wedding, allow your body hair to grow.

2 weeks prior to the wedding

  • Get your hair trimmed or retouched.
  • Deep-condition your hair twice a week.
  • Moisturize your nails and cuticles every day. Lotion your hands too!
  • Lash tint or lift
  • Get a gentle facial (one you’ve tried before)
  • Buy or pick the lipstick and perfume you’re going to wear on your big day

1 week prior to the wedding

  • Have your hair waxed.
  • Try not to stress, pick at, or treat any breakouts because doing so will simply make them worse.
  • If you choose to fake tan, acquire a spray tan two days prior to the wedding, keeping in mind that less is more.
  • We realize that you have a busy schedule, but you will need a moment to yourself. Get a massage. You'll unwind after 45 minutes of bliss, and you'll need to relax to prepare for what lies ahead.
  • Final pretty wedding nails
  • Get a thorough manicure and pedicure; the best option for preventing chipping is a long-lasting treatment gel.
  • If you have eyelash extensions, having them applied a few days beforehand ensures that they will last the whole of your honeymoon.
  • In order for your hair to be in the finest condition for styling, wash it overnight prior to the wedding.

The big day!

  • Unless your makeup artist will apply your skincare for the day, go for water-based skincare to make your makeup last longer and require fewer touch-ups.
  • Finally, have a protein-based breakfast and a light lunch. Don’t skip hydration!

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