What To Wear To a Not-So-Close Friend's Wedding?

Mariam Youssef
7/19/23, 10:30 AM

Has a random work colleague invited you to her wedding? Did your distant cousin send you an invitation card to her big day? While it’s a kind gesture to be invited to a wedding, it is also a bit awkward when you don’t know the bride too well or barely greet each other every day at the coffee corner at work. It’d be just easier not to go, but it can also be a bit disrespectful to the person who invited you, especially when you see her every day at work. So now that you’ve decided to go, what should you wear to someone’s wedding who’s not close to you? Read this article to find out excellent suggestions!

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Assuming that the wedding is in the evening, these are the best options:

Midi bodycon dress

A bodycon dress can make you look stunning since it accentuates the body and shows off your figure. This dress can suit different body shapes like hourglass, inverted triangle, and pear shapes with a few embellishments here and there to create a balanced appearance. Style your dress with pumps and jewelry to make the overall look stunning.

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Ruffled summer dress

Although summer dresses are perfect for day activities and occasions, you can find one that suits an evening occasion. Moreover, since the bride is not so close to you, it is not necessary to wear a soiree dress. Just put on a nice, flattering dress that makes you look good. To elevate the look, you can always add jewelry and accessories.

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Monochrome pantsuit

Pantsuits are elegant and timeless! Whether you decide to go for a neutral shade or a bright color, this outfit will make you look stylish and sharp. The best hairstyle to go with this look is a sleek ponytail or a sleek wet hair moment. Make sure to choose a pantsuit in the right fit to make your body look balanced and attractive.

Silk jumpsuit

This is another terrific option for you as a wedding guest to someone who’s not close to you. Not only are silk jumpsuits elegant and stylish, they’re also very easy to wear. With the right accessories like belts, bags, and shoes, you can take your look to a whole new level.

Chiffon blouse + skirt

This option is easy and available. You won’t have to worry about buying something new to wear to this person’s wedding. Pretty much all of us have a nice chiffon blouse that we barely find a proper occasion to wear. Style this blouse with a nice pencil or A-line skirt to show off your feminine side. If you’re not into skirts, you can always wear tailored pants to complete the look.


The LBD or little black dress never fails to be a stunner no matter where you’re going. Regardless of the occasion, there is an LBD for you. Choose a dress that is suitable for the wedding. Try to choose a dress that’s not too revealing since you’re not a close friend of the bride.

Blazer dress

This one-piece option can truly make you look the center of attention (aside from the bride) since it can make you look really attractive and sharp. If you don’t want to show your legs, you can choose a knee-length blazer dress. Moreover, if the wedding is in a sophisticated place, you can opt for a silk blazer dress to look the part.

Simple two-piece dress

Two-piece dresses are flattering and feminine, so if that’s the vibe you want to go for, this is the option for you. However, make sure not to choose a two-piece dress that is made for the beach. Always go for formal ones when it comes to weddings, unless it is a beach wedding.

As a wedding guest, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing what to wear. However, it is tricky to choose your outfit when the bride is not close to you. Check all the above options and see if any of them seems suitable for you and the occasion.


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