10 Wedding Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Big Day Iconic

Mariam Youssef
7/12/23, 2:53 PM

Your bridal entrance can set the mood for your big day. Take some time to create amusing entrance themes with your groom, bridesmaids, and other guests if you want to make your big day even more spectacular and memorable. Below are 10 of the best wedding entrance ideas we came across, as well as a few suggestions on how to incorporate them into your big day. These ideas, ranging from confetti showers to orchestrated dance routines, can make your wedding day extra special in the greatest way.

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1- Separate iconic entrances for the bride and groom

Nowadays, we witness two separate entrances for the bride and groom at their wedding ceremony as opposed to the single entrance for the couple that may be considered dated these days. Instead of just opting for two simple entrances, try to arrive in style. Choose a theme that represents your personality and incorporate it into your entrance. The groom should also do the same. For example, if you’re into Disney, go for a Disney princess-themed entrance.

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2- Fun dance routine

Create a lively dance floor performance with the bridesmaids to make your big moment even more memorable. The girls will know their positions in the ceremony and it can be a lot of fun! It's also a great way for everyone to meet new people and giggle before walking down the aisle. You may also include the groom and his men in the dance routine. Share the spotlight among your bridesmaids and groomsmen. A prepared wedding dance will undoubtedly excite the audience. Everyone's performance skills will leave guests speechless.

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3- Sparkle light sticks

If you want to include your wedding guests in your bridal entrance, this is the right moment. There are numerous ideas you can incorporate to create a lively entrance and make your guests eager for your wedding reception. One fun option is to line your bridesmaids and groomsmen so they create a path where you and your partner can walk while they're holding the sparkly sticks. These sparkle sticks will make a magnificent entrance, and they're also a terrific photo opportunity!

4- Down the aisle with your parents

Because our parents deserve to be included at this moment as it will mean a lot to them, this entrance idea can be magnificent and emotional too. Hold hands with your parents like you always have as a little girl and let them walk you to a new, exciting chapter in your life. This brilliant entrance requires an appropriate song that will probably make everyone tear up because of how beautiful and significant it is. Keep some tissues handy because the three of you will probably need them.

5- Ballet dance entrance

Invite your cute nieces to participate if they don't mind making a few graceful steps down the aisle with your wedding party. You can also hire young professional ballet dancers to add this aristocratic feel to your wedding. Ballet dancing along with the appropriate music will make your wedding entrance so magical and unforgettable. Moreover, you can lead the dance if you're a ballet dancer. You will need to wear a short dress though and change into a bigger one later.

6- Creative musical entrance

If you are throwing an epic wedding celebration and have carefully considered every aspect, one of the most important wedding entrance ideas is music as it defines the tone of your ceremony. Most of us envision our wedding day through the lens of wedding entrance music, songs, and dance. Maybe you want a magnificent entrance song for the wedding that matches your personality as a couple or has some symbolic meaning.

7- Themed entrance for the couple

Instead of separate entrances for the bride and groom, you may choose a themed one for both of you, where you can be any character from your favorite movie. Not only can you rock some awesome costumes in your entrance, but you can also incorporate the theme into your wedding in general. If both of you are true Harry Potter fans, you may turn your wedding ceremony into Hogwarts and put on robes from your favorite houses.

8- Firework display

We adore the notion of entering the ceremony surrounded by fireworks if you're having an outdoor wedding. You don't need to wait until the final moments of the night for a dazzling light show on your big day. This is an assured way to leave a big impression on your guests.

9- Boat entrance

If your outdoor wedding is taking place in the daytime, try arriving at the ceremony by boat, especially if your wedding is by the Nile. Your guests will be thrilled once they see you coming from afar and they’ll be waving and cheering you on until you arrive at the ceremony.

10- Majestic horseback ride

Turn the “man riding on a white horse” phrase into reality and make your groom arrive at the wedding reception on an actual white horse. He’s your prince charming after all, right? Ride along with him on the same horse like a lost princess he’s just rescued or arrive on your own horse for a magical entrance that will be forever memorable.

Your wedding day is probably the happiest day of your life, so you want to make it count. Your bridal entrance is one of the most significant moments in the wedding besides tying the knot, so make sure you choose a glamorous, jaw-dropping entrance to dazzle your guests and make your wedding day more special and memorable.



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