Your Mom's '80s Wedding Dress Is Back and Here's How You Can Wear It Now

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7/7/19, 12:00 AM

There was a big, obvious comeback for the puffy sleeve wedding dresses at bridal collections for spring/summer 2020. You would've seen a lot of these wedding dresses in the '80s, possibly also hidden in your mom or aunt's wardrobe. We thought we wouldn't see the day it returned, but if you weren't a big fan of it, seeing it translated in modern fashion might change your mind.

What do puffy sleeve wedding dresses look like now?

This trend has a long history in fashion. It was prominent in the Middle Ages as well as during the height of the Greek and British empires in Europe. With a dramatic statement like this, It is exciting to see how the top wedding designers are making it for the modern women and bride. The sleeves are definitely the highlight of the dress, but they do not stand alone. They are homogeneous and almost a completion of the dress itself in a dreamy, magnificent way. 

What do we love about it?

We love that a lot of the dresses went completely off shoulder to flatter the look by giving some space for the décolletage and  and for the overall look not to get overwhelming and crowded. We love that this a new age in fashion of exuding femininity but with strong statements that are stunning and for a modern day women who wants to express herself with the non-traditional.

Would you wear it? and how?

If you're looking for a magnificent royal look, maybe this is something you should try on while wedding dress shopping, you never know, you might turn to your mother and say "Wow, you were right!". You might even go grab your mom's wedding dress and redesign it or restyle for your own wedding day. If you decide to go for a puffy sleeve wedding dress we recommend thinking about the rest your bridal look's styling. 

You want to balance out your look so you don't feel overwhelmed in the dress. In our opinion everything else should be kept simple. A simple and chic veil, an easy, sleek hairdo or bun and rosy, elegant and minimal makeup. The dress will speak for itself. If your décolletage will be showing, make sure to hydrate this area leading up to the wedding so it can shine and give you a lit from within look. Also, using highlighter on your décolletage will really flatter the look. If you try it out show us what it looked it like, and if you loved it or didn't, on the 'Fustany Fashion Girl' Facebook group, where we share tips and what we're loving at the moment and so can you. 


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