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10 Ideas for Creating the Ideal Kids' Room for the School Season

Engy Elghannam
10/3/23, 11:00 AM

Turning your child's room into a "Back to School" themed space is a great way to get them excited about learning and staying organized for the school year. We'll share 10 creative ideas and tips in this article to help you create a space that promotes education while still being a cozy and fun place to play and relax.

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Make the back-to-school transition exciting with these 10 room decor ideas

1. Chalkboard Wall

 Consider painting one of the walls with chalkboard paint. This will turn the wall into a big chalkboard where your child can write notes, draw, and work on math problems. It can also be used to show the weekly schedule or inspirational quotes that relate to learning.

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2. Desk and Study Area

 Set up a dedicated study area with a desk, comfortable chair, and task lighting. Add colorful organizers for school supplies like pencils, markers, and notebooks. Consider a corkboard or pegboard for displaying artwork or important reminders.

3. Educational Posters

Hang up educational posters that feature subjects like math, science, or geography on the walls. These posters not only add to the room's decor but also provide valuable learning resources.

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4. Globe or Map Decor

You can decorate the room by adding a globe or a world map as part of the decor. This not only looks good but also helps your child learn about the world.

5. Bookshelves

Put up strong and durable bookshelves where you can arrange different kinds of books. Group them based on what they are about, like science or adventure, or how hard or easy they are to read. This way, your child can quickly find the books they like to read.

6. Bulletin Board

Place a bulletin board on the wall near the desk. This is where you can pin important notes, class schedules, and any awards your child receives at school.

7. Library Corner

Make a cozy reading area in one corner of the room. Put a comfortable chair or some bean bags there, along with a small bookshelf and soft lighting. This will make it inviting and encourage your child to read for fun.

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8. Pencil-Themed Decor

 Add pencil-themed decorations like pillows shaped like pencils, holders for pencils, and artwork on the walls. This can help your child connect learning and creativity in a positive way, which makes their room a happy place for both studying and playing.

9. Inspirational Quotes

 Decorate the walls with inspirational quotes. You can do this by using stickers that stick to the wall (wall decals) or by framing printed quotes. These quotes should be about learning, education, or not giving up when facing challenges.

10. Artwork Display

Set up a gallery wall where you can showcase your child's school projects and artwork they create throughout the year. This will totally help them feel proud of what they've accomplished, which boosts their confidence and sense of achievement.




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