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Decorate Your Rented Apartment Without Permanent Changes Using These Tips!

Mariam Youssef
9/14/23, 11:00 AM

When it comes to decorating a rental property, there can be a lot of restrictions because many landlords forbid making any long-term improvements to their homes. The extent of alterations is entirely up to the landlord; some are willing to let rooms be painted or minimally modified as long as you restore the place to its original form. So, how can you personalize your rented house without jeopardizing damaging the property? Look at these easy ideas.

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Inject color correctly

Landlords always tend to prefer to keep their rental homes’ walls in neutral colors to make it easier for them to showcase their properties and get more offers. This means that you won’t be able to paint the walls; however, you can always go with accent pieces like vases, cushions, pictures, blankets, furniture, lighting, and flowers. Buy accent decor pieces with bold colors (or your preferred color) instead of making a drastic change by painting the walls.

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Decorate the walls

Just because you won’t be able to paint the walls doesn’t mean you can’t have personalized space. Decorate your walls with family photos by using command strips. Forget about screws and nails and drilling into the wall. The command strips have two sides; one sticks to the wall while the other sticks to the frame. Because they’re easy to remove, you’ll keep the walls in your rented home damage-free. Moreover, another way of decorating your walls is by leaning things against them instead of hanging them up. For example, you can place a large mirror in your entrance hall, which is very trendy nowadays.

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Try washi tapes

Washi tape isn't simply another piece of stationery in your craft supplies, though. Did you know that one of its many uses is for embellishing furniture and walls? What wall décor should you use in a rented space? Get creative and get some colorful washi tape! Create shapes on the wall or attach them along the borders of furniture to instantly improve them. This is an easy, no-friction way to decorate your rental home and liven it up.

Cover up the floors

Do the floors in your rented house have worn-out carpets, wooden floorboards, or tacky linoleum? In addition to maintaining the floor's state, an eye-catching rug can correct some issues and alter the appearance of a space. Pick a rug that features your favorite designs and hues to express your own style.

It's crucial to remember that the size of your room and the arrangement of your furniture are the two key factors to take into account when picking a rug size. Make sure not to purchase a rug that is too small. If you're not sure or can't decide between sizes, go with the larger option for a polished appearance rather than a rushed one.

Lighting fixtures 

Lighting can instantly change the way your space looks and feels, so you can always invest in lighting fixtures that will surely be a great addition to your rented home. However, if your landlord has left you with a horrendous-looking ceiling fan or an old, rusty chandelier, it is better to focus on eye-level light fixtures, such as floor lamps, table lamps, or candles.

Invest in houseplants

Indoor plants will add brightness, and life, and can also improve your health and welfare in general. Consider adding a ficus or rubber tree; these can add height to empty spaces or be positioned behind furniture. Or try a hoya plant if you want a flowering plant. Even if you continually forget to water this plant, it will still thrive and continue to bear lovely pink blossoms.

Ornate decorative pieces 


One of the best ways to distract your eyes from the items you’re not particularly in love with in your rented home is investing in ornate or statement decorative pieces. Opt for something that expresses your quirky personality so that this space feels at home.

Dealing with wall storage

Because drilling is probably not allowed in most rental homes, which makes it difficult to put up cabinets or shelves, try to use bookcases and wall entertainment units. This will provide you with plenty of space to showcase your decorative pieces while offering you a place where you can put away the things you want hidden.

Use over-door hooks

Although over-door hooks may not provide you with the aesthetics you’re looking for in your home, they’re still a great storage solution in a rented house. Nowadays, there are all kinds of interesting designs that could make your space feel like home.

Living in a rental house doesn’t mean that you don’t get to turn it into a happy home. Although there are many restrictions when it comes to decorating rental homes, these above tips will help you feel happy and comfortable in your space without damaging the property.



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