J-drama Much? Here Are 16 Picks You Don't Want To Miss On Netflix

Mariam Youssef
8/25/23, 11:00 AM

If you’re hung up on watching different dramas and exploring new series, you’ll want to dig deeper into Japanese drama (J-drama for short). You may relate Japanese-speaking shows to anime since it is the most popular form of shows. However, J-drama has so much more to offer than animated characters and superpowers. From romance to drama to history, you’ll find J-drama extremely interesting. That said, we’ll list our J-drama 16 picks on Netflix so you can binge-watch them and enjoy.

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First Love

If you yearn to escape from everyday responsibilities and live in a compelling love story that will make your heart melt and your soul glow, you have to watch “First Love.” Two high-school students fall deeply in love, but life puts them in different directions. It’s slow-paced in the best way possible, far from boring, charming, and swoon-worthy. Thanks to the main lead, Takeru Satoh, this drama has an elevated level of acting and an overall happy vibe (and a happy ending too. Wink wink).

Why Didn’t I Tell You a Million Times

Here’s another masterpiece for the wonderful, brilliant, and charismatic actor, Takeru Satoh. “Why Didn’t I Tell You a Million Times” is a touching drama about madly-in-love childhood friends who reunite as adults. They won’t let anything - not even death - split them! 

Now that we’re on the subject, we highly recommend watching one of Takeru Satoh’s most amazing dramas, “An Incurable Case of Love.” Unfortunately, it’s not on Netflix, but you can stream it online and watch this calm, happy, peaceful, awesome drama. You won’t regret it.

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Alice in Borderland

This bleak and grim future sci-fi thriller with exhilarating action scenes, stunning cinematography, and an intriguing concept will leave you wanting more. In “Alice in Borderland,” a video game-obsessed young man without a job discovers a doorway to an alternate universe where he and his friends must struggle to survive. What follows is a mash-up of Hunger Games meets The Matrix that is quite compelling to watch.

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Good Morning Call

The manga-based television show “Good Morning Call” centers on Nao, a young woman who moves into the city's apartment of her dreams. Shockingly, her popular classmate is also relocating. They grudgingly decide to become roommates as a way to pay for the accommodation after realizing they had been tricked into getting the same apartment. When Nao begins to feel attracted to Hisashi romantically, things become even more difficult.

I Will Be Your Bloom

A beautifully endearing story, "I Will Be Your Bloom" is a 2022 Japanese romantic comedy-drama about a former teacher who works as a housekeeper for a failing boy band in an attempt to help them realize their musical goals.


The enormously successful manga series of the exact same name has inspired a number of remakes, but "Erased" is widely regarded as both one of the greatest and the most accurate. The protagonist of this fantasy/thriller is 18-year-old Satoru, who learns he has the capacity to travel across time after discovering his mother is dead. The conflict that follows, which is occasionally horrific and frequently touching, will grip you from the 1st episode.


This sci-fi drama, which primarily targets young people, may have some similarities to Freaky Friday, but it is darker and devoid of humor. While this trope typically involves an absurd affair, "Switched" utilizes it to deal with subjects like body image, societal pressures imposed on school-aged girls, and suicide. Two schoolgirls from completely different extremes of the social hierarchy switch bodies with each other.

Ju-On Origins

A chilling horror/mystery that will thrill passionate devotees of the genre. A paranormal investigator makes a connection between a number of terrible tragedies that occurred over 40 years and all point to a single house. The series explores every case and its paranormal roots over the course of more than 40 years. This show is a part of the Ju-On/The Grudge series. Don't miss this treasure if you enjoy a good supernatural mystery!


If you’re a fashion lover, you’ll want to watch this series. "Atelier" offers an amusing, frequently endearing glimpse at Japanese workplace norms. A young Japanese lady named Mayuko negotiates the exciting but frequently challenging environment in which she finds herself after being recently employed by a high-end lingerie maker. The visually appealing production is the ideal match for the luxurious world of high fashion, which results in a captivating watch.

Million Yen Women

This depiction of an iconic manga series is a comedy, mystery, and drama all rolled into one. A down-and-out writer is the main character, who is visited by five mysterious female visitors who each pay the writer 1 million yen in rent. Who sent these ladies? They're there, but why? You'll never know what's going to happen next in this entertaining, absurd, weird, but ultimately compelling series.

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Food-related television series are popular in Japan. Japanese people enjoy cooking and eating, hence there are frequently numerous TV shows on it. The manga-based drama “Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman” will make you fall head over heels for pastry, coffee, dessert, and all the delicious goodies in Japanese cuisine.

Let’s Get Divorced

“Let's Get Divorced” channels the idea of what unfolds when a famous couple chooses to divorce. A politician and an actress realize that divorce is the only option when their marriage has lost its spark. However, the fact that their lives were intertwined presented a challenge. Therefore, they can only achieve their goal of securing a divorce by cooperating.

He’s Expecting

“He’s Expecting” is a refreshing comedy-drama about a successful ad executive with it all figured out. He gets pregnant, just like male seahorses do instead of females. He is consequently compelled to face social injustices he had never thought about previously.

From Me to You

If you like school dramas, watch this one. “From Me to You,” which is an adaptation of a manga, is about how a schoolgirl resembles a horror movie figure, so she is feared by her classmates.


The romance, thriller, and crime drama “Dearest” is about Sanada, a dedicated businesswoman, who encounters a missing person from a 15-year-old incident. Everything she has fought so hard to achieve starts to fall apart all around her. She finds herself in a confrontation with both her former flame and the detective in charge of the investigation.

The Full-Time Wife Escapist

This is a swoon-worthy, comedy-drama that you’d want to watch while relaxing on the couch. “The Full-Time Wife Escapist” is about an unemployed single woman who finds herself working for a professional man as his wife after a sequence of unanticipated circumstances.



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