If you're anything like me, and adore accessories -especially rings- as much as I do, then this creative DIY is for you. It's always a hassle to try and organize your accessories and display the rings easily without them getting lost between everything else in that jewelry box. Even if you try to leave them on the dresser for easy access, you risk losing them.

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A great way to organize your rings is by using a ring holder, but it might be too expensive to invest in one right now and you might not even find one you like easily. The best way to solve this is by trying out this super easy DIY ring holder at home. These ring holders look super cute and simple, so they will look amazing on your dresser and it won't even cost you much.

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Here is how to make a ring holder at home:

You will need:

- Plaster

- Glitter

- Scissors or cutter

- Perspex sheets

- Sandpaper

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Watch the video below on how to DIY a glitter ring holder at home.

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Video & Image Credits: The Things She Makes