Empower Gaza and Donate Now Through These Organizations

Engy Elghannam
10/18/23, 2:00 PM

Amid the continuing violence by Israeli forces in Gaza, various organizations and initiatives in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other countries will be sending essential items like medical supplies, food, medicine, clothing, and more to Palestine. Please check out this article for details on how you can contribute.

To donate from inside and outside Egypt:

1. Egyptian Red Crescent

The Egyptian Red Crescent has explained, through its official Facebook page, how to donate to Gaza using one of the following methods:

- Online: Through the Egyptian Red Crescent Association website at

- For a Representative: Call 15322 and provide your name, address, mobile number, and the amount. They will contact you within hours.

-  Text Message: Send a text message from any mobile to the number 9770, and type "فلسطين" (the cost of the message is 5 Egyptian pounds).

- Fawry: From any location with a machine ; the code 99981.

- Vodafone Cash: Code *9*166# .

- Orange Cash: Code #7115# .

- Banque du Caire: Account number 8384/501/30. IBAN: EG440004103000000305010008384.

- Commercial International Bank (CIB): Account number 100035211157. Marketing code 911111.

- Arab African International Bank: Account number 702 379-3910-001.

- SAIB Bank Maadi Branch: Account number 2820302932110010.

2. The Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank has launched an urgent humanitarian campaign to help our fellow citizens in Palestine by providing them with essential food supplies. The cost of a food box reaches 400 Egyptian pounds, or you can donate any amount you wish.

- You can contact a representative for home collection by calling 16060, using the unified account in all banks at number 888777, or visit the website

- You can donate through: Fawry, Masary, Aman, Sadad, Upay, Talabat, Instapay, Al Ahli Possible, Bee, Khedmaty.

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3. Haya karima

To donate to Gaza through Haya karima you  can use the following bank accounts in Egyptian banks:

- Commercial International Bank (CIB): 100058267915.

- Banque Misr: 1160001000018501.

- National Bank of Egypt: 1003171263956002025.

- Arab African International Bank: 1104533910020205.

 4. Mersal Foundation

You can donate to the Mersal Foundation by contacting a representative at 19340 or 01200002870, using Visa on, Vodafone Cash, or through the following banks:

- Banque Misr: 5450001000003297

- Commercial International Bank (CIB): 100034654454

- National Bank of Egypt: 1953071376769426268

QNB Alahli: QNB735-20311817142-68

- Emirates NBD: 1019409332701

- Arab African International Bank: 1015996610010201

 5. Egyptian Clothing Bank

 Donate to send humanitarian aid to our fellow citizens in Gaza. Here are the ways to donate and support our people in Gaza:

- Call them at 17014, and our representative will assist you.

- Donate to their bank account 555777.

- Through InstaPay and various outlets like Fawry and Vodafone Cash.

-Or you can donate directly through the website :

6. Life Makers Foundation

You can donate through their website Or send bank transfer through :

- Commercial International Bank (CIB):  100034226827.

- Fawry Code: 950.

- National Bank of Egypt: 0773070478998401017.

- Vodafone Cash Code: *9*40#.

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7. Misr El Kheir Foundation

Supporting the people of Gaza with Misr El Kheir Foundation will renew hope. You can aid the people of Gaza with urgent humanitarian, medical, and food assistance through the easiest donation method for you.  

- Now you can donate through the website: 

-  Misr El Kheir Foundation app: 

- Or through their account in all Egyptian banks “مصر الخير إغاثة”, “Misr El Kheir Relief”

 - Via 16140.

- Or you can visit their branches and field offices. 

To donate from inside Saudi Arabia:

- Sahem Platform

"Sahm Platform" is the only way to donate to the people of Palestine if you want to contribute to a country outside of Saudi Arabia. Simply select the country you want to donate to, with Palestine being one of the options, and specify the amount you intend to donate. Head directly to their website and donate

To donate from inside Jordan:

- The Hashemite Jordanian Charity Organization

The Hashemite Jordanian Charity Organization, in partnership with the Jordan Post, is now accepting donations to assist the people of Gaza. This effort is designed to help the residents of Gaza who are facing dire conditions due to Israeli aggression. If you'd like to contribute to this cause, you can do so by donating through the Hashemite Jordanian Charity Organization. To donate:

- The Hashemite Charity Organization's IBAN account number at the Bank al Etihad / El wehdat branch:

JO32 UBSI 1030 0000 4010 1659 9151 06

-Or via Cliq: JHCOGAZA 

- Through Electronic Wallet

- Or through e-FAWATEERcom:

- The organization's website:

To donate from inside The United Arab Emirates:

- Compassion for Gaza 

The United Arab Emirates has launched the "Compassion for Gaza" campaign to aid Palestinians affected by the Israeli aggression in Gaza. The campaign's goal is to set up centers for collecting and packaging humanitarian aid with the involvement of various humanitarian and charitable organizations, volunteer groups, the private sector, and the general public, as well as the media.

This campaign is a collaborative effort with the World Food Programme and is coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Community Development, as part of the UAE's humanitarian initiatives to provide urgent support to the Palestinian people.

The campaign is in Abu Dhabi, overseen by the UAE Red Crescent Authority at the Abu Dhabi Ports Hall in Zayed Port.

The United Nations' World Food Programme

The United Nations' World Food Programme has announced its urgent need for funding and the opening of pathways to deliver food and essential supplies that families, especially those affected by power outages and fuel shortages, cannot access. Donors can contribute to supporting the residents of Gaza by visiting their website.


UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, has opened a donation campaign to collect funds for the people of Gaza. Head to their website and start donating.




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