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Here Is How to Empower Loved Ones in the Aftermath of a Breakup

Engy Elghannam
6/10/23, 1:00 PM

When someone we deeply care about goes through a breakup, it can be a challenging and emotional time for them. As their loving friend or family member, our role is to provide comfort, understanding, and unwavering support. In this guide, we will explore heartfelt ways to assist our loved ones as they navigate the ups and downs of healing from a breakup. From lending a compassionate ear to offering practical assistance, together we can help them find solace, rediscover their strength, and embrace a brighter future ahead. 

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Here Are Ways for Supporting Loved Ones During a Breakup

Be there to listen  

Be a compassionate listener for your loved one, lending them an ear filled with warmth and understanding. Create a safe haven where they can freely express their emotions and thoughts without the weight of comparisons or preconceived assumptions. Embrace the role of an engaged listener, cherishing the moments when they open up and providing them with the space they need to talk, vent, and heal. Simply being there, without any expectations or pressures, can be a comforting embrace that envelops their heart.

Seek to understand what they need

Take a gentle and relaxed approach by asking them what they need. Each person and situation is different, so it's important to understand their individual needs. Be mindful not to make promises that might be challenging to fulfill, but don't hesitate to ask how you can lend a helping hand. By inquiring about their needs, you demonstrate your genuine care and unwavering support, creating a warm and comforting space for them to lean on.

Offer empathy and validation

Validate their feelings and let them know that it's okay to grieve and feel sad. Avoid minimizing their emotions or offering quick-fix solutions. Instead, show empathy by acknowledging their pain and assuring them that it's normal to go through a range of emotions after a breakup.

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Remind them of their positive qualities and talents

Remind them of their remarkable strengths and qualities. Breakups can sometimes shake a person's sense of self, and your role is to help them restore or nurture their self-esteem, confidence, and belief in their abilities. Take the time to highlight and celebrate the wonderful qualities they possess, serving as a loving reminder of the incredible strengths that reside within them.

Empower their self-care

Nurture their well-being by encouraging self-care throughout this challenging journey. Emphasize the importance of prioritizing activities they find joy in, be it exercising, exploring new activities, indulging in hobbies, spending time with cherished friends, or embracing relaxation techniques like meditation or journaling. Remind them to tend to their physical and emotional needs, as self-care acts as a gentle balm for their healing soul.

Respect their boundaries

It's very important to respect the coping mechanisms and boundaries your loved one may embrace as they navigate their breakup. Recognize that everyone handles such situations differently, and it's crucial to honor their need for space and solitude as they process their emotions. Assure them that you'll be there whenever they're ready to talk or spend time together, holding their boundaries with tender respect and understanding.

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Never criticize or blame them

Surround your loved one with a gentle and accepting embrace, avoiding any inclination to criticize or blame. Let go of the urge to assign fault to their ex-partner or engage in negative judgements about their choices. Instead, adopt a neutral and supportive mindset, creating an open space where they can freely navigate their emotions without the weight of judgement. Remember, the journey to healing is unique to each person, and your role is to be a compassionate listener, providing comfort and understanding without taking sides or casting blame.

Things “to say” vs “not to say”

Here are some supportive phrases you can say:

- "I want you to know that I'm here for you, no matter what."

- "You are surrounded by love, and you don't have to face this alone."

- “Do you feel like hanging out tonight or have any plans for the weekend? Let's spend some time together if you're up for it.”

- “If you ever feel the urge to reach out to your ex, remember that you can text me instead. I'm here to listen.”

- "Your feelings are valid, and it's okay to experience a wide range of emotions during this time."

- "I'm so proud of you for navigating through this challenging period. Your strength is inspiring."

Here are some phrases to avoid:

- "I never liked them anyway." (Their ex may still hold significance to them, and it might hurt to know you didn't like them.)

- "I really liked them." (This could add to their feelings of loss and make them feel undervalued.)

- "You were out of their league." (While intending to boost their self-esteem, this may reinforce the pain of rejection.)

- "You should be happy they're gone." (This dismisses their need to grieve and feel sadness for the loss.)

- "You'll find someone better." (Healing should not rely on finding someone else, and they need time before considering a new relationship.)

- "The sooner you move on, the better off you'll be." (Respecting the time they need for reflection and personal growth is crucial.)

In times of heartache, our unwavering support can be a lifeline of comfort and love. Through listening without judgment and acts of kindness, we become a steady anchor for our loved ones.



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