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| by Dalia Hosny

10 Workouts to Do by the Beach

The beach is the best place to be! Whether your tanning, hanging out with family/friends or even just laying down, beach time is always enjoyable and calming. The beach is also not just for sunbathing, you can also stay fit while catching a tan. Here are 10 workouts to do by the beach during your next vacation.

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1. Racket: All you need is two wooden rackets, racket ball and a partner. Make sure the ball doesn't hit anyone unless it's a cute stranger! 

2. Beach Volley: Beach volley is a super fun way to play with a group of friends and get to meet new people too! The constant jumping and running will definitely burn a good amount of calories. 

3. Running: Take your iPod or your dog for a soul-surfing run by the beach. My favourite is during sunset!

4. Biceps Curl: Tone your arms by the beach and workout using your water/juice bottles. When they're not empty of course! 

5. Yoga: Soak up on much needed vitamin SEA while practicing yoga by the beach. Two birds one stone? If you want to go for a gentle workout, then yoga it is.

6. Plank: When laying down by the beach with your face facing the sand, push your body up while resting your weight on your elbow and toes. Simple, isn't it?

7. Pushups: If you're sunbathing in the previous position, you can increase your arms and upper body strength by doing a quick pushup. Raise your body so it rests on your hands and toes, keep your back super steady, and bend your elbows up and down. 

8. Sit-ups: If you're casually sitting on your towel, then a sit-up is the easiest exercise to go for. Start off with the standard sit-up

9. Handstand: This workout requires extra flexibility and fitness. If you can stand on your hands and still remain balanced, let your friends take a picture of you while doing a handstand by the sunset! Super fun. 

10. Squat: Do you want to get a killer butt this summer? It's never too late. A squat can tone both your butt and legs perfectly. Break a sweat and do two sets of 25 squats respectively.

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