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| by Heba Abohemed

Your Ultimate Guide to Take Care of Dry Skin

Dry skin, like any other type of skin, requires attention and good care. Whether it’s summer or winter, you need to provide your dry skin with protection, and the right products and treatments, to keep it looking healthy, and to avoid skin flaking and itching. Well, don’t worry because I have the ultimate guide to take care of your dry skin right in the few next lines.

1. Begin by washing your face with luke-warm water, and to cleanse, use soap that's preferably made of natural ingredients, because your dry skin is very sensitive and chemicals might cause some inflammation.

2. Dampen a cotton ball with rose water. Besides its refreshing feeling and amazing smell, rose water will cleanse and tighten your pores.

3. You must always moisturize your skin with cream. Pick something that is appropriate for dry skin.

4. Never leave your house without applying sunscreen, and if you want you can wear BB cream because it contains a good amount of SPF enough to protect your skin.

5. If you want high makeup coverage, then use concealer but don’t forget to moisturize first.

6. By the middle of the day, take two minutes of your time to wash your face with water and then add moisturizer, that's if you’re not wearing makeup.

7. Women with dry skin should drink a lot of water; your skin needs natural moisturization

8. As for food, make sure you include a lot of fibers, vitamins A, B and C as they’re very beneficial for dry skin.

9. Drink water before you go to bed.

10. Never sleep with your makeup on, remove it gently with natural makeup remover like a damp cotton ball with coconut oil. And then wash your face and clean it with rose water, and finish off with night cream moisturizer.  

N.B: You can use a natural mask, to deep cleanse your skin from any dirt residues.

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