12 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair Inspired By Radwa Elsherbiny

Mariam Youssef
10/2/23, 8:00 AM

Whether you’ve never watched Radwa Elsherbiny or you’re her biggest fan, there’s no denying that she’s a fabulous woman in every aspect. Although her natural beauty speaks volumes, we have to talk about her on-fleek makeup, drop-dead gorgeous fashion sense, and amazing hairstyles that never fail to make us in awe of her beauty. Of course, there’s a huge crew behind these preparations, including makeup artists, fashion stylists, and hairstylists. But today, we want to talk about 12 of Radwa Elsherbiny’s hairstyles that truly stand out and can be adapted by every girl with long hair on several occasions, so keep reading.

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Middle-part straight hair

No wonder that this hairstyle is Radwa’s signature look since it’s effortlessly dazzling. Using a straightener, you can achieve the same look no matter how long your hair is. You may tease the middle part in your hair using a hair spray to make it look like hers.

Side-part straight hair

This could be Radwa’s second most go-to hairstyle. Instead of going for the usual middle-part straight look, she chooses the side part, which makes a huge difference. Both styles look gorgeous, but changing the part will make your face look different in a good way.

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Straight and wavy hairstyles have been and will continue to be trendy and gorgeous, especially on girls with long hair. Choose the shape and design of the waves you want in your hair and use a curler or a straightener to create them. Wavy hairstyle makes your hair looks bigger and more voluminous.

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Cool curls

Well, that’s another form of wavy hair, but with a cool twist. You can braid your hair on the side to get this cool style that looks funky, different, and unique. Wear your hair like this on formal and casual occasions; it’s a gorgeous hairstyle that will surely take your hair to the next level.

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Middle-part high bun

With this hairstyle, you’re the boss! It is an amazing look for formal occasions, work meetings, office gatherings, or weddings. If you’re a bride, you can also try this hairstyle; you’ll look like a queen with the veil and crown.

High braid

Braids never fail to make us look 10 years younger. Radwa Elsherbiny nails this cute hairstyle, so try to copy her or turn it into your own version. A high braid would be a great choice for casual outings or even dates. Get out of your comfort zone and try this; you’ll love it.

Sleek high ponytail

Now this is power hour! This hairstyle screams elegance, power, femininity, and everything in between. It’s sleek, on-point, and easy to achieve. Accessorize your hair according to where you’re heading and try this hairstyle to catch everyone’s eyes.

Gypsy’s hair

Now we’re talking! The gypsy hairstyle on long hair is something else. If you haven’t tried it so far, you have to give it a go. It’s closer to the wavy look; however, it’s more free-spirited and daring. Don’t be afraid to try it. You may also choose a boho outfit to go with the hairstyle.

Side-part low bun

“The CEO has entered the meeting and we’re so ready for her.” This is probably what your work colleagues would say if you wear your long hair in a low bun with a side part. It’s a typical hairstyle for formal or important occasions.

French braids

If you want to look funky, cool, and feminine with the least effort, try double French braids. They’re easy to do and super flattering. You’ll receive plenty of compliments if you try this hairstyle.

Wavy hair with middle high bun

Wavy hair is a timeless hairstyle, but you may add a small touch to it to make it more attractive. Try the high middle bun while letting the sides of your hair down. You’ll surely like this hairstyle, which goes with several occasions.

Shoulder-length wig

Even girls with long, lustrous, and healthy hair get bored of this hefty length but refuse the idea of chopping it. So, if you appreciate your long hair and don’t wish to cut it, try a shoulder-length wig, just like Radwa, that has the same color of your hair. You may choose a different color if you’re aiming for a big change.




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