For Your 30s: Gorgeous Hairstyles And Cuts That You Shouldn't Miss Out On!

Mariam Youssef
9/2/23, 1:00 PM

Many women reach a point in their lives when they feel it's time to change their hairdo, and for many of them, that point is 30. If they've been trying basically the same haircut since their late teens, the 30s feel like the time to shake things up by going for a dramatic cut, perfecting a unique hairstyle, or moving to a sleeker cut. The most important thing is to figure out what's best for you and embrace your personal style. Check out our guide for hairstyles that you should try in your 30s.

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Haircuts for your 30s


Short pixie cuts can be extremely beneficial to busy women. You can wear a number of intriguing earrings with this haircut and make good use of well-placed streaks of color. Pixies can be noticed on a variety of celebrities, and they can highlight the eyes. With this cut, well-applied makeup will help draw attention to your greatest features. Using a hair cream adds a controlled texture to your pixie cut.

Sexy bob

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A bob is the most classic of haircuts. It's a timeless style that looks nice on everyone, regardless of age. A blunt, sensual bob looks best on straight hair, and if you have thicker hair, have it curved towards the bottom to keep it from becoming too heavy.

French bob

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The French bob is the shorter, chicer cousin of the standard bob. This design is often trimmed close to the jawline, with rough ends and fringe, and is inspired by the short bobs which were fashionable in the 1920s. It has a stylish and sensual appearance while being easy to maintain and adaptable. This is a great cut for a person who wants to make a significant change. It's also appropriate for someone who just wishes to refresh their appearance.

Shaved look

Those who have a daring hair attitude will appreciate the half-shaved style. This style is suitable for all hair lengths because you shave one side to show off your two-in-one look. This style also looks fantastic on afro-natural hair.

The undercut has recently gone semi-mainstream since it is not only a terrific technique to control unmanageable strands but also looks great. Whether you go for a typical undercut at the sides of your head or a peek-a-boo at the back, an undercut is a terrific way to modernize your hairstyle and add a surprise aspect.

Layered cut

Layers are usually on the list of trendy and attainable hairstyles. If you have been growing out your hair, layers will keep it looking excellent throughout the process. Girls with thick hair should become acquainted with layering for more comfort.

The layered cut is a no-fuss style to try in your 30s. Face-framing layers might be quite subtle, but you can also add some short feathery layers to define your face. Maybe this could be your new favorite look as you enter your 40s!

The shag

Over the previous year, the shag haircut has had a moment, reminding everyone why it is such a terrific style. The cut's layering helps to remove weight from the hair while accentuating your face and takes less upkeep than other styles. If you want something a little more flexible and edgy, this is the cut for you. So, why not give a shag haircut a try on the next salon visit?

Short blunt bangs 

Bangs have the ability to transform your appearance, but they are not for everyone. Before you decide on cutting your bangs, consider your face shape (as well as your tolerance for everyday styling). If you want to make a statement, opt for a blunt bang. Those seeking a more modest look should go for a wispy long fringe that may be swept aside as desired.

Curtain bangs

For good reason, curtain bangs have always been one of the most fashionable fringe styles last year. Curtain bangs not only create smoothness and movement around your face, but they may also modify the look of your haircut and add an extra level of maturity. The best part is that they require less upkeep than a shorter, blunt bang and are easily brushed to the side if you want to grow them out.

Hairstyles for your 30s

Silky balayage

This is popular among younger people, but if done correctly, you can wear it into your 30s. Blonde and brown swirls look great on many ladies without being too bold. However, if you don’t want to risk bleaching and dying your hair, clip-in extensions might allow you to have some interesting color without committing to anything or damaging your hair.


You may be unsure about braids. After all, aren't they designed for kids and younger women? Not at all, especially with the current (and professional) look of Dutch braids, French braids, halo braids, and other hairstyles. Try a few different ones until you find one you really like.

Ballerina bun

Take some cues from this traditional look and adapt it to your contemporary lifestyle. This is an excellent style to try if you want to look regal and sophisticated at work. Plus, even if you don't have time to do your hair, it still looks classy and put together.


This lovely Topknot look is simple, and you can dress it up with hair accessories like a trendy set of hair pins if you desire. This is a great weekend look for a lavish party, chilling out with friends, or simply doing errands.

Vibrant color ombre

When you mix hot colors into the ombre style, it can be elevated to a whole new level. Many stylists now are familiar with this type of color, so while pink may not be your color, there are many different shades for you to experiment with.

70s glam

With this 70s glamorous look, go big or go home. Long layers can be blown out to create enormous, bouncing waves that remind us of the 1970s. This look is also very versatile because you don't have to style your hair with that much volume and it will still look great.

Double messy ponytail

This has to be one of the most beautiful current hairstyles. Because this hairstyle just needs a few hair bands to look beautiful, you should keep it in mind if you have longer hair and want to look good while in a hurry. Tie a low ponytail and wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie. If desired, tease hair and spray for an extra grip. Texturizing products can be very useful in fine-tuning this appearance.

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