The word 'Foundation' I believe explains itself! So there is no better compliment for a product than calling it a foundation...It’s basically the base for all your makeup. In the past, I didn’t give much attention or spend money or time on a foundation but I was wrong. I love to look natural and some foundations aren't necessarily the best option for a natural look. However, foundation makes all the difference when it comes to pictures. 

If you want your skin to look great at special occasions and big events you might want to try foundations and that’s where I started trying out a lot of foundations. I came across a lot of products that I liked and today I am going to review one of them.

The Bourjois Air Mat foundation is made to give you a Matte finish, which is great if you have oily skin as I do. The foundation comes in 5 different shades, I found my matching shade to be Vanille and been loving it ever since. What I like about this shade is that it provides that bronzy look which is perfect because in the summer I like to get my face really tanned.

It provides high coverage and its long-lasting effect gives it an edge over so many other products I’ve used. Still, it feels a bit heavy on my face so I never wear it on a daily basis. It’s also not an easily bendable formula, so I definitely recommend wearing a primer and working it in with a beauty blender on your face. The thing is, if you don't work it out well enough it might leave residues and crease on the areas on the face that are oiliest. If you feel that the product itself is dry, try mixing it with your hydrating cream for better results.

If you plan to wear it in during daylight make sure to wear SPF as it doesn't have any. You can even wear a fluid sunscreen before you apply the primer. For a drugstore foundation, the Air Mat is affordable and reliable, because as I said, when it comes to foundation there are so many products that I like to use, but this particular one is my go-to foundation in the summer and for really special occasions and outings.

This is my personal experience and if you ever try it, we would love to hear all about your experience and thoughts on our Instagram!