Summer is over, which means we can get out our makeup kits and put on a full face of makeup without worrying about the hot weather ruining it. After watching the Met Gala, I just felt like I needed to glam up a little and put on some make-up, but then I wondered, what are the fall trendy make-up looks this year? So, to make your life easier, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know so you can look glamorous in the windy weather in style. In this article, you'll find everything about the 6 fall makeup trends to look extra glamorous this season. 

1. The kitten eyeliner

Makeup fall trends- Kitten eyeliner 

Image credits: Harpers Bazaar, Instagram @glossier

We all know that Zendaya can't go wrong when it comes to fashion; she's always ready for the red carpet. And Zendaya was ahead of her time with this look. What exactly is the kitten eye? It's essentially a short, thin eyeliner flick. You'd think it's the same as the classic cat-eye, which it is, but it's a little more subtle. Smaller lines are becoming popular as if no one has time to draw thick lines anymore. If you want to be trendy, the kitten eye is the coolest way to wear liner in Fall 2021.

2. Dramatic eyeliner 

Makeup fall trends- Graphic eyeliner

Image Credits: Instagram @jourdandunn, @pizzapizza_nisa

This trend is for people who get bored easily and like to try something new every day. It is basically drawing eyeliner in a creative way like asymmetrical shapes, or maybe a simple line but instead of black it could be in different colors. I love this trend because, thanks to Corona, we're still stuck wearing our masks for a while longer, and with our eyes only visible, it's a great way to make a statement. It's a daring choice that will undoubtedly look great in the fall. 

3. Let's go back to basics and draw eyeliner underneath the eye

Makeup fall trends- eyeliner underneath the eye

Image Credits: Instagram @bellahadid

Winged eyeliner is a basic makeup technique, but go back in time a little and get something from the past that is very trendy now, which is an eyeliner underneath your eye. This look looks good on everyone, and it even went out of style for a while but is now back in style. And for those who don't know how to draw a winged eyeliner, this look is much easier, and you don't have to worry about making both eyes look the same; it's difficult to mess up. 

4. Allowing your natural brows to grow/Soapy brows 

Makeup fall trends- Soapy brows

Image Credits: Instagram @rosiehw, @melissabarreram

When you think about it, our eyebrows are one of the things we played with a lot in our face, from extremely thin brows to very thick ones, but now it's time to give them a rest and just leave them because natural brows are very trendy this fall, just brush your eyebrows in an upward motion. You can also try the soapy brow technique, which gives your brows a more natural shape. 

5. Having a full monochromatic look 

Makeup fall trends- monochromatic look

Image Credits: Instagram @makeupbymario, Good House Keeping

A monochromatic look is simply coordinating your eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick all in the same color; it's a three-minute make-up look that will look effortlessly good on you this fall. When it comes to color, the sky is the limit; you can go for flushed berry shades, golden peach tones, or really any fun tones you feel like trying this fall. 

6.  Bold Lipstick 

Makeup fall trends- bold lipstick

Image Credits: Instagram @patrickta, Fashion To Go

It's all about having a bold lipstick this fall; the bolder it is, the trendier you will be. You can go for a very subtle make-up look and then BAM a bright deep red lip, which is very sexy if you have an event to attend this fall.