Everywhere you look these days on Youtube and Instagram you see Rare Beauty. When the world found out that Selena Gomez was creating her own cosmetic line, it's fair to say we were all curious to see what it will bring to the market, not just as products but as a message that was foreseen from the name of the line. Her foundation and concealer range have both 48 shades which is really impressive and exciting. I for one couldn't wait to see what people were saying about it, and when I found the Rare Beauty reviews to be this great, I knew we had to talk about it. So, today, we're showing you 9 amazing things beauty bloggers are saying about Rare Beauty.

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"Rare Beauty is breaking down unrealistic standards of perfection. ​This is makeup made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique—because Rare Beauty is not about being someone else, but being who you are."

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1. The packaging

The packaging is sort of a Mod style, minimal and chic vibe. It looks luxurious and high-end. But most importantly, the ball design on top is made especially to help those with arthritis open it easily. They also released brushes and a sponge, which people reviewed differently based on their application preferences.


2. Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

The foundation good a lot of positice reviews. The color range is pretty excellet and in most reviews I saw the bloggers seem to have found their perfect shades. The skin looks luminous dewy, glowy and so it's great for people with dry skin. It also feels very lightweight but gives coverage. Here's one of the reviews by the foundation queen Nyma Tang...

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3. The Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

The Triangular doe foot applicator helps you really get in the corners and is especially helpful for people with deep set eyes to be able to access every crevis. It blends beautifully and smoothly in the skin and looks amazing. It also covers really welll without being cakey. Mariah Leonard who's review you can check out below, said it's such a unique formula and she's never used a concelaer quite like this. 

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4. Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner

"it's matte, it's dark, it's easy." What more can you ask for? Alissa Ashley loved how gorgeous, black and smooth it is. It really glides on and doesn't pull or resist when putting it on.

5. With Gratitude, Dewy Lip Balm

The balm's textures is really unique. Reviews say it's super creamy. "Pop of color with the benefits of a lip balm," as described by Chloe. It feels really nice, smooth and makes texture of the lips look great. Chloe says it can also be used as a primer under your lipstick because it's really softening. 

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6. Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream

This lip cream is said to be reallly soft and super creamy. It also gives a blurred out feathery look that is really in right now. It's doesn't dry out the lips and feels really nice. It is Karen Yeung favorite product from the range. Check out her full review below.


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7. Positive Light Liquid Luminizer

This liquid highlighter feels lightweight and thin. It doesn't move around the foundation underneahth and have a nice dewy finish. "Blends Effortlessly"...Julia Adams tries it below. 

8. Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

The blushes are incredibly pigmented and most reviews I've seen said positive things about it. It seems to be the product everyone was really excited to try. The colors are really beautiful and were praised by a lot of people. The texture is also really nice, there are both matte and dewy finishes. Jasmine loved how it sank into her skin and didn't just sit on top, giving a natural 'blushing from within' look. Here's more of her review.

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9. Rare Impact Fund


In order too suppoer the mental health of their community, employees, and partners, they started the Rare Impact Fund which aims to 'raise $100 million over the next ten years to help address the gaps in mental health services for underserved communities.' Their aim is also to reduce the stigma when it comes to talking about mental health.