A lot of women nowadays prefer getting a facial wax instead of the threading method. Like any other beauty routine, you actually need to prepare your skin for a facial wax. In fact, there are many important things you should consider before you get a facial wax and here they are...

1. Before you consider a facial wax, you should make sure that you are not taking any medication that can cause you an irritated and very dry skin. Waxing an irritated skin could lead to a serious skin burn and might leave a scar.

2. You should avoid a facial wax if you have acne or open wounds right in the place where you want to wax.

3. Don’t scrub your skin right before waxing; you should at least wait for two days after getting a face scrub to get a facial wax.

4. Don’t use any kind of moisturizers or facial creams. You must only have a gently washed and clean face.

5. If you’re planning on waxing your face at home, make sure you don’t leave the strip long on your skin, apply it on the area, make sure it is settled right on the facial hair spot, and then quickly but gently remove it.

6. When you apply wax on facial hair, check which way the hair grows, and then apply the wax in the same way. And when you remove the strip, remove it against it.

7. To remove any extra wax, use a cotton ball and makeup remover; gently rub the traces of wax left on your face.

8. Use cold water to wash your face, and if any bruises occurred use an anti-inflammatory cream immediately.

P.S. We don’t suggest that you do a facial wax at home, unless you really know how to use it. It’s better to do it at a beauty salon; any mistake can lead to bruises and wounds.