We all love makeup, and we all love how flawless we look after we put it on. But a perfect makeup look begins with healthy skin. And for that, Soraya Shawky, a famous Egyptian makeup artist, dedicates a lot of her time to highlight the importance of skincare routines, and she even gives a lot of helpful beauty tips to her audience and clients.

Since summer is coming up, and there will be lots of sun, beach, vacations and some travelling, I picked for your three important skincare tips by Soraya Shawky that you should really put into consideration!  

1. Soraya Shawky’s beauty tip for dry skin:

Soraya says that using oil is not a good solution to hydrate, because oil doesn't have any water in it, and skin needs water to stay hydrated. Oil is made to nourish the skin, and water is made to hydrate it. Instead of oil, she suggests you use one of the following ingredients to create a hydrating face mask:


Aloe Vera

- Cucumber

- Cocoa powder (mixed with water and honey)

- Honey

- Banana


2. Soraya Shawky’s tip to take care of your skin while on the beach:

Soraya has shared some beauty rules, that in my opinion, are very important if you want to keep your skin healthy, fresh and young for the longest time possible. Here they are...

- Never go out in the sun without wearing a sunblock with a minimum SPF 30 or 50 to protect your skin. Soraya promises that you’ll still get a tan, but without the harmful consequences like sun burns.

- To keep your skin hydrated and refreshed in the heat, spray thermal water, just a few times during the day.

- To protect your lips from drying up, apply lip balm or Vaseline instead of lipstick to keep them moisturized.

- If you use tanning oil, make sure it has SPF (it still works just as well even with SPF).

- Soraya wants you to keep all your skincare products in your beach bag, so that you can reapply them during the day.

- As for the ladies who like to wear makeup to the beach, Soraya is reminding you to apply waterproof makeup, to avoid any runny makeup disasters!

3. Soraya Shawky’s way to beat any skin dryness caused by plane altitude during travelling:

Before she hops on a plane, Soraya has a skincare routine that is very interesting, and very easy to apply.

- She starts with a homemade mask where she mixes, coffee, honey, coconut oil, and sugar. Then she leaves it on for 20 minutes.

- And after washing her face, she likes to use a mineral hydrating mask for extra skin hydration.

During the flight, Soraya says that you should drink water, spray some thermal water, apply a hydrating facial cream and use under eye patches if needed.