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6 Color Combos Inspired by Olivia and Alice to Spice up Your Wardrobe

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8/15/21, 12:00 AM

Most of us find it difficult to mix colors together; we usually go for colors we know will look great together, such as white and blue, and we avoid colors we don't know if they will look good together, such as orange and pink.  I'm going to share a tip with you on how I determine whether certain colors go well together or not. I'm always looking for inspiration for the colors I want to wear, and while doing so, I came across these amazing two British sisters Olivia and Alice whose color combining game is on point! I like how they mix their colors and how they creatively combine two patterns. Their Instagram account is a burst of bright colors.

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If you're ever confused about which color goes with which and want to try new color combinations that will definitely turn heads, this article will share 6 color combos inspired by Olivia and Alice to spice up your wardrobe.

1. Orange & Pink Color Combo 

orange and pink color combo

These two color combos, orange, and pink, always remind me of the flowers we see in the garden; they are such a vibrant color combination that screams summer. Because orange is the new black, you can perfectly match it with pink; simply treat the color orange as if it were black! If you think these color combinations are too much for you, opt for a monochromatic outfit and pair the accessories with another color, such as an all-pink dress paired with an orange handbag and heels.

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2. Green & Pink Color Combo 

Green & Pink color combo

Green is such a soothing color that when you wear it, you feel like you're balanced, and green is very trendy this year, so if you're looking for colors to pair it with, pink will undoubtedly be your answer. This color combination appeals to me, because green is a bold color and pink is a soft color that work well together.

If you're looking for ideas on how to style these two color combinations, Olivia and Alice styled it with green pants and a pink shirt, or vice versa, or if you want something more feminine, go for a skirt and top, or to make your life easier, a dress with a print of these two colors.

3. Lilac & Green Color Combo

This year's most popular color is lilac! Everything and anything lilac can be found in every store; if you're wondering what color goes well with lilac, the answer is green! It's like mixing two trendy colors together. Green is a very bold color, so pairing it with a light color will result in the perfect mix!

You can choose a lilac dress with green polka dots, as Olivia and Alice did, or a solid green dress with lilac accessories.

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4. Yellow, Blue & Orange Color Combo

Yellow, Blue & Orange color combo

Why limit yourself to just two colors when you can use three daring ones? Yes, you can combine yellow, blue, and orange! Each color is very bold on its own, but imagine combining all three. It's not a color combo you see every day, but if you want to step out of your comfort zone, these three colors will do the trick.

Olivia and Alice gave us the idea to combine all three bold colors together and style it so that it didn't look over the top but rather stylish.

5. Orange & Green Color Combo  

Orange & Green color combo

Orange is a difficult color to wear because it can be quite bright and overpowering. But, as I said before, treat it as if it were black and style it with any other color you want. Two-color combinations that are totally fabulous together are orange and green, which looks like it was inspired by fruit but is definitely a statement look.

How should these two fruit-inspired color combinations be styled? Simply do as Olivia and Alice did and wear an oversized blazer because they are very trendy right now and if you are hesitant to

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6. Orange & Blue Color Combo 

Most of us wear blue a lot, and if you're wondering what that means, two words: blue jeans! We all know that jeans are very easy to style, but what if you decided to up your wardrobe game and went for a bright colored blue and to be more daring pair it with orange, these two color combos are so loud that they scream look at my outfit right now kind of statement.

Olivia and Alice styled these two color combinations in a very simple way: blue pants and an orange top. If you want something a little more simple, try a blue suit with an orange shirt; you will definitely turn heads.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @oliviaandalice


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