Going back to college comes with its perks and disadvantages, when it comes to your everyday wear. and college outfit ideas. Perks...it's comfy and you don't have to think too much about it. Disadvantages...it gets really really really boring after a while. Everyday you put on a t-shirt or sweater, jeans and shoes. What about the days when you feeling like a change or you wanna feel a little extra? 

Now there is nothing extra about the college outfit ideas you'll be seeing below, however, they are a comfy casual alternative to your everyday jeans and top. Take a look below...

Also don't forget to scroll a bit further down if you want some short tips on what you can prioritize on your shopping list for looks like these.... 


Tips of outfit ideas for college that are not completely basic:

1. Loose dresses and skirts are so comfortable, especially for the weather now. They're even more comfortable than jeans. Yes, dresses and skirts can be completely casual so you don't have to worry about it being 'too much'.

2. Patterned pants are also a great alternative to the usual jeans. They look great with graphic t-shirts, which we all know is mandatory university attire, and they will give you a nice break from your everyday look. 

3. It's starting to get a tiny bit chilly in some areas around the world and winter shopping has started. So start thinking about your jackets, I personally developed by love for jackets in uni when I saw how they can instantly transform my 'pajama looking' outfit into a presentable and pretty cool look. Go wild with the color choices and pick something that makes you feel great, it will definitely help with the winter blues. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marta__sierra