We know it sounds weird, but there are different types of turtlenecks and you might not be wearing the one suitable for you. Have you ever wondered, why does this person look good in a turtleneck yet when I try to wear one I look weird? Why does it make some people look sophisticated, but look so bad on me? Well, we’re here to figure that out. Apparently, there may be multiple factors contributing to this, including your face shape and neck type of neck (yes, that’s a thing) This article is a rundown of all the things to consider when thinking about purchasing or wearing a turtleneck, and how to choose the right one for you.

turtleneck types

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What are turtlenecks?

Turtlenecks are a type of top that is, by the neckline, an extended tight-fitting collar that creates volume in the neck area. There are several different types of turtlenecks:

-Classic turtlenecks

- Funnel turtleneck: These have an elongated collar; they may reach up to half of your face

- Cowl necks: These have a draped neckline

turtleneck types

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From left to right: the classic turtleneck, the funnel turtleneck and the cowl turtleneck.

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Which style of turtleneck should you pick for your face shape?

turtleneck types face shape

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Diamond and oval face shapes:

turtleneck types

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This is where turtlenecks actually serve a purpose to your face shape, it will create the illusion of a shorter face, this is why classic turtlenecks are recommended for diamond and oval face shapes, funnel ones also look really good though. Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner are diamond and oval face shapes, as you can see, they stuck to the classic turtleneck collar for their looks above.

Square and rectangular:

turtleneck types

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Funnel turtlenecks will look really good, as they are thick and bulky at the top by your face, they will sit beautifully whether you choose to roll it upwards on your neck or lower down. As you can see on Beyonce and Rihanna, it is up to you if you’d like to wear the collar up or down. Rihanna paired her chunky turtleneck with some layered necklaces and big hoops, whereas Beyonce dialed down on the jewelery as the entire outfit was in a matching print, and would've been too distracting for the eyes.

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Heart face shapes:

turtleneck types

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Cowl turtlenecks look so good on you. For some reason, the draped effect of the cowl style gives both volumes and dissimilates the face and neck by allowing there to be space for visible skin. Check out Gwyneth Paltrows and Aida Domenechs looks to see how heart-shaped faces wear cowl turtlenecks.

How to know if you will look good in a turtleneck in the first place?

It sounds harsh to say that turtlenecks are not flattering on all, but it’s one of the pieces of clothing that require some thought before going to invest every penny straight away. We’ve all been there, buying an item of clothing we have been longing for, to be staring back at your reflection in the mirror only to see what we could describe as a potato-sack (hello insecurity, it’s me, your brain)

Longer and shorter necks: For people with longer necks, turtlenecks really suit you. The classic sweater with collar-style detailing is preferred on you even. This is not to say that people with shorter necks should completely avoid wearing turtlenecks, they can shorten the neck area even more this is why maybe you should go for cowl turtlenecks to visually lengthen the neck.

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turtleneck types

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Things to avoid while considering a turtleneck:

Clashing for example if the turtleneck is tight do not wear tight bottoms or vice versa: This can create unflattering and structured body shapes, not that we are trying to completely avoid this, it just wouldn’t look great as its best to have balance in every outfit

Don’t be layering your turtleneck with other clothing if it will be bulky: Instead, you can layer a turtleneck under a sweater to give you the visual effect of wearing a collar, this is a classic look that has come back into fashion recently.

Turtlenecks that shorten or lengthen the neck and face unless it is absolutely necessary: It sounds crazy but knowing the right type of turtleneck for your face and neck goes a long way. Try to fray from the ones that either lengthen or shorten your upper body.

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How to pair your hair and accessories for wearing turtlenecks?

- Hair: Keep it simple, seriously. Opt for your hair in a nice sleeked back ponytail, or some braids. If not, at least make sure your hair isn't falling completely down your face. Maybe a half up half down look? 


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Accessories: Don't go too bulky on your accessories either, as the collar of your turtleneck acts as a choker on its own, try to stay away from necklaces but if you feel like you'd like to add one, it be simple. Earrings are where you can make the accessory work for this out, try out some hoops to complement the look.