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Capsule Wardrobe For Kids: Make Your Life Easier By Creating One For Your Child

Mariam Youssef
7/30/23, 1:00 PM

A capsule wardrobe is simply a fancy way of expressing that you intentionally limit the amount of clothing your child needs in order to avoid excess. Setting up will take approximately an hour, and after that, we promise that life will be way easier. This includes getting ready, cleaning up, doing laundry, shopping, and other daily tasks. Your life will be so much easier by giving your toddlers a capsule wardrobe. Once you have coordinated clothes for your children, you'll spend less time and money on their wardrobe. Read on for the best way to make a capsule wardrobe for your child, whether he's a boy or a girl.

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Why create a capsule wardrobe for your child?

Children love capsule wardrobes! Here are a few advantages we want to share with you:

  • It is much simpler to buy clothes for your children.
  • You'll probably save money on shopping.
  • Decision fatigue is reduced by wearing fewer pieces of clothing.
  • Children can pick their own always-coordinating clothing.
  • Less clothing means smaller, more often loads of laundry and less overwhelmed by laundry.

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How to create a child capsule wardrobe?

Start with a checklist

Before you go shopping, be sure about what your child needs for the forthcoming season. To help you make an informed decision for your child's upcoming capsule, you can use a printable checklist to make sure you have everything you need (and nothing more). It saves a ton of time and money.

When your children truly need new clothing, especially in the summer and winter or when they are about to go up a size, it is the greatest time to put together a capsule wardrobe. These days, both seem to occur every three months, right, mamas?

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Choose a color scheme

90% of the time, kids opt to wear one or two of their favorite colors. Notice which colors your kids like and use them to create a color palette. Boys usually prefer blue and red, so you can base your design on these colors while also including neutrals like gray and white. When it comes to girls, pink and aqua seem like a good start (unless your girls prefer other colors). You can also mix neutrals like gray and white. Additionally, this plan will be great, especially when they already have clothes in these colors. For the cold weather, dresses and T-shirts can be worn with leggings and cardigans.

Decide on suitable/affordable brands

Sizes, cuts, and color schemes all differ significantly amongst brands of children's apparel. Purchasing from a single brand ensures coordinated colors and uniform sizing.

Notice which brand has the best fit and price for your kids and always make your purchases from it. You need to pay attention to the style, quality, and neutral color palettes. Their basics should be affordable and durable. Make a list of your favorite kids’ stores and always buy their clothes from them to guarantee to have a unified, coherent wardrobe.

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Reduce the pile

Once your kids’ clothes start not to fit, they should be gone. And this may be the most difficult part, especially when you realize that most of their clothes no longer fit. However, as soon as the extra clothes are gone, you, your child’s wardrobe, and laundry will be relieved. Do this at the changing of the seasons every year and it will be magical. Try sorting the clothes into these piles:

  • Keep pile 
  • Donate pile
  • Reuse pile
  • Sentimental pile

Consider their schedule

According to your kids’ ages and schedules, you will be able to organize their wardrobes better. For example, if your toddler goes to a nursery daily, you should always put in mind that they may need 2-3 outfits per day. However, if they go to school, you won’t need as many. Moreover, if your child plays after-school sports, you want to put that into consideration when organizing their wardrobe.

The same applies to shoes

Once you’re done organizing your kid’s wardrobe, have a look at their shoes as well. Follow the exact same clothes plan for shoes. There’s no need to keep shoes that no longer fit. It’s time to donate or keep them as a sentimental item.

Organizing your kids’ wardrobe and creating capsule outfits will make your life easier, especially when your kids decide to choose what to wear. Moreover, laundry time will be so much easier since you won’t have to wash so many items.

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