We were very excited about Fashion Forward Dubai this year because of the exciting shows and designers like Roni Helou, Mrs. Keepa, Farah Wali and so much more. This FFWD 2019 had over 20 shows from diverse designers with so many different styles, influences and concepts. We wanted to do something a little different this year and pick the best runway looks from Fashion Forward Dubai 2019. 

We picked the best look from each show, that embodies the designer's vision the most, as well as embodying what we know you'd like to see and take styling ideas from. The trends this year were all about oversized clothes, suits and blazers, along with patterns of course, like floral, plaid and abstract prints. 

Take a look below at 21 of the brands at Fashion Forward Dubai's runway this year and the top design we picked from each.


All Image Credits: Courtesy of Getty Images Via FFWD and Courtesy of Vizfolk Media Via FFWD