When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is tanning by the beach in my swimsuit, sipping on my cold fresh watermelon juice with my toes in the sand, which sounds so relaxing and perfect. I'm sure we've all figured out what's trending this year, but do you know what to avoid? Let us all agree that there are a few summer styles we would like to avoid because they are no longer as fashionable as they once were.

Today is your lucky day, because I'm going to tell you which styles to ditch and instead replace them with something more fashionable. So, let's take a look at what you should not wear this summer.

1. Ditch tight denim shorts, for beach cover-ups

Ditch tight denim shorts, for beach cover-ups

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Denim shorts are comfortable, but super tight ones for the beach are no longer as fashionable as they once were, or comfortable. Wearing stylish cover-ups are perfect of the ultimate beach vibe. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with denim shorts, but wearing them too tight is a no-no!

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2. Ditch your sweatsuits, for colorful sets.

Ditch your sweatsuits, for colorful sets.

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We spent most of our time at home last year, and many of us were and still are working from home, which is why our go-to clothes were sweatsuits. We can't deny how comfortable they are, but it's time the world was reintroduced to something comfortable, but more fashionable. Co-ord sets are the answer; many stores now sell them; whether you prefer plain ones or prints, you will find some really nice options.

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3. Ditch your tie-dye, for colors of bold patterns

Ditch your tie-dye, for colors of bold patterns

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Tie-dye was everywhere in 2020. Everything and I mean everything, was tie-dye. I like the tie-dye print, but it was so overdone and worn out that I decided it was time to let it go! And, thankfully, it isn't as trendy this year as it was last. Instead, opt for bold prints, which are still colorful like tie-dye, but in a more fashionable way. And they're perfect for this summer.

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4. Ditch your oversized accessories, for a headscarf

Ditch your oversized accessories, for a headscarf

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Large headbands and bows are out. The problem with large headbands, is that if you wear something that doesn't fit your face shape, they can actually reshape one's facial proportions. They are an important part of your outfit. Instead, opt for the headscarf, which is set to be the biggest hair trend of 2021. This trend is a bit nostalgic, as it was very popular in previous years and has made its way back into fashion.

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5. Ditch your leggings, for wide-leg pants

Ditch your leggings, for wide-leg pants

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Let's all agree that leggings were made for the gym, not going out in, but I'll give you a pass because we were in a pandemic and barely left the house, so wearing leggings all the time was the ideal choice, but we're in 2021 and they're no longer trendy. Say hello to wide-leg pants instead. These pants are more roomy but tailored, and they provide similar comfort and stretch with added sophistication. Besides that, there are various styles to choose from, such as relaxed denim, baggy trousers, and ribbed knit pants. With so many options, the best decision you could make is to ditch your leggings.

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6. Ditch your slim glasses, for cat-eye frames 

Ditch your slim glasses, for cat-eye frames

Image Credits: Pretty Little Things, The fashion Spot

Slim eyeglasses are no longer as fashionable as they were last year; yes, we see a few people wearing them, but that doesn't mean they are following the trend! Hear me out, cat eyeglasses are more popular this year. They're what I call "chic grandma glasses." They have so many options that you'll have a hard time picking a favourite.

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