Here at Fustany, we wholeheartedly support women and always insist on empowering them. And in honor of the movements of eliminating Violence Against Women, we would love to shed some light on the importance of raising a new generation that understands the meaning of equality between both genders and how men should respect and protect women. Moreover, we want to stress on how women should empower other women, leading to a generation that truly understands that every human should be respected and given the privilege of feeling safe. Parents are able to create the key fundamentals that create a psychologically stable person. Mothers raise husbands that help their wives and respect their daughters and sons, and raise women who can stand tall and defend other women without feeling threatened. So for both parents, these are the 11 basic rules to raise men to respect women and women to empower women.

1. Give equal house chores to your son and daughter.

We cannot understand why parents used to assign household chores only to their daughters while allowing their sons to live their lives task and responsibility-free. This generation has spoiled numerous husbands and, somehow, contributed to ruining several marriages. Educate your sons that they need to help with household chores because they need to learn what responsibility means.

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2. Teach him how to help his sister, female cousin, or female friends.

As parents, you’re responsible for building your son’s identity until he’s old enough to figure out his own personality. One of the most important things you can do is to teach your son the decency of helping out a woman in need, be it his sister, cousin, or friend. This is the ABC of raising a gentleman!

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3. Make equal house rules for both of them.

Be fair with your kids in every way possible. When it comes to things like curfew, school grades, and punishments for bad behavior, you have to set equal rules. Don’t tolerate your son coming back home at 3 a.m while giving hell to your daughter for making it home at 10:30! If the house rule is to be back at 10 p.m. sharp, then be it on both of them!

4. Teach your kids that violence is never the answer to solve problems.

Unfortunately, some parents still encourage their kids to use violence as self defense, thinking that this is the right way to deal with problems. Your kids need to understand that violence has severe consequences and is never the way to solve or deal with problems. If someone at school gets violent with them, they need to report that person, not treat them in the same uncivilized manner.

5. Teach them to be kind to one another.

Being mean is the worst thing between siblings, especially when it’s between your son and his sister. Siblings should be kind to each other and never use mean words or act in a mean way. Always encourage love and kindness between your kids so that everyone understands the meaning of respect and love.

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6. Don’t give your son more privileges than his sister when it comes to personal freedom.

This is a continuation to the equal rules point. Now that you set equal rules in the house, you’ve got to be fair when it comes to providing privileges for your kids. Their genders shouldn’t affect the way you treat them. Don’t encourage feelings hate, discrimination, or jealousy between siblings. Treat them both equally and allow them equal privileges.

7. Explain to your son that encouraging his sister and celebrating her success doesn’t diminish his accomplishments.

Your son needs to understand that a woman’s success doesn’t diminish or decrease his importance or significance. Teaching his that will allow your son to grow to be a supportive husband who celebrates his wife’s success and doesn’t feel threatened by it.

8. Teach your daughter that insulting other women is not acceptable.

Some girls become mean because their parents allow them to mock, insult, or make fun of other girls. They actually grow to think that they’re funny and that’s how women should treat each other. Girls support girls! They don’t make fun of or belittle one another. Your daughter needs to understand this fully so she won’t grow into becoming a bully.

9. Tell your daughter that building her success on other women wrecks is a shameful act.

Because women stand for women and support them, they should never build their success over other women’s wrecks. The most witnessed example of this is that a woman should never hookup with a married man because she’d be building their happiness over another woman’s misery, and she'd have a temporary successful relationship while another woman is hitting rock bottom.

10. Insist on teaching her that only weak women with no self-confidence like to diminish or belittle other women to stand out and shine.

Work on building your daughter’s self-confidence. Assign tasks to her and allow her to face and deal with situations without interfering. Encourage her always and tell her that she can do whatever it is she wants to do.

11. Last but not least, make both your son and daughter understand that they complete each other and both deserve a chance to live respectably in this world.

Finally, we hope that these rules help all parents out there help their children become the best versions of themselves. We're not in any way giving you parenting advice, we're just sharing some simple rules that will help your children understand the danger of violence against women and work hard on showing respect to all society members.

Main image credit: @queenrania