Whether it's your birthday, engagement, or wedding party, ones of the most important things you should pay attention to is the cake. This cake should not only be a gorgeous piece of decoration that ties your whole event together, but it should also taste as good as it looks; otherwise, it can make you and your guests disappointed. That said, we’ll show you the top cake designers in Egypt whose cakes are delicious as well as beautifully designed.

1. Rania Fayed

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When we talk about customized cakes, surely, Rania Fayed has to be mentioned. She is the most famous cake designer in Egypt and this is due to her drop-dead gorgeous designs that make any event complete. She takes her job very seriously as she spends time drawing the design then sculpting the cake to look like anything you want. From Beauty and the Beast-inspired cake to an 8-tier bird nest cake, she and her team can get the job done.

Contact Info:

Instagram: @RaniaFayed

2. The Cake Atelier by Poushy

best cake designers fustany

From sketch to reality, your dream cake can come true with them. They specialize in designing and creating custom-made cakes and desserts for any special event. Their intricate designs and flawless execution make them one of the top cake designers in Egypt.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01275553752

Instagram: @thecakeatelierbypoushy

Facebook: The Cake Atelier by Poushy

3. Cake Up

best cake designers fustany

From birthdays to shower parties to top-notch wedding venues, Cake Up can create any cake design you want. A huge number of celebrities always choose Cake Up to design cakes for their special events. On top of that, their wedding cake designs are out of this world; they can truly add a mesmerizing effect to any event.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01027692920

Instagram: @cake_up_egypt

Facebook: Cake Up

4. Rosa Cakes

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Their goal is to make your special moment memorable. Their eye for detail and special attention to customizing one-of-a-kind cakes is what makes Rosa Cakes an amazing designer. No matter what your event is, they got you covered.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01222219141

Instagram: @rosacakes_cupcakes

Facebook: Rosa Cakes

5. Candy Couture

best cake designers fustany

If you’re looking for bespoke modern cakes with a twist, Candy Couture is the answer. Certified from Paris and London, this cake designer will surely astonish you. Their breathtaking cake designs and fabulous candy tables make them one of the best in their industry.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01271010854 or 01272457222

Instagram: @candycouture.eg

Facebook: Candy Couture

6. Cakes by Nony

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While there are plenty of cake designers out there in the market, Nadin Fayed, the owner of Cakes by Nony, makes her brand extra special and unique. Her designs stand out and the execution is wonderful. Whether it is your bachelorette, birthday, engagement, or wedding party, her cakes will astonish you.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01112258356

Instagram: @cakes_by_nony

Facebook: Cakes by Nony

7. Cakes Land Egypt

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Their creativity will make you stop at nothing when choosing a specific design for your event. They can deliver any design you choose or surprise you with their own pick. Cakes Land Egypt are known for their beautifully-customized cakes that cater to any event, be it a birthday, engagement, shower, or wedding party.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01006990708

Email: cakesland.egypt@yahoo.com

Facebook: Cakes Land Egypt

8. Dom Bites

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We can already tell you that Dom Bites can make your dream cake come true no matter what the occasion is. Their mission is to create unforgettable moments for luxurious events. Whether it’s your wedding, engagement, birthday, or gender reveal party, Dom Bites will deliver. Their top-notch cakes, cupcakes, and candy tables can make your event even more special.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01113336061

Instagram: @DomBites

Facebook: Dom Bites

9. Mucho

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Once you check their Instagram page, you will know you’ve come to the right place. The details they incorporate in their cakes can tell you how professional and dedicated they are. Not only do their cakes and cupcakes look amazing, but they also taste delicious. No matter what the design you have in mind is, they’ll do it and your cake will look just fabulous.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 01010241288

Instagram: @Mucho

Facebook: Mucho

10. Fluff Cakery

best cake designers fustany

Fluff Cakery is known to be one of the best in their industry because of their gorgeous cakes that make fantastic displays on any occasion. Additionally, based on their customers’ reviews, their cakes taste amazing and super delicious.

Contact Info:

Instagram: @fluff.eg

11. Cakes N Shapes

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Their slogan is “We shape it till we cake it,” and let us tell you that their shapes and designs are going to blow your mind. Their luxury cakes add a special touch to any venue and can make you extra pleased and satisfied. There is no limit to how creative they can get and their designs are tangible proof.

Contact Info:

Instagram: @cakesnshapes_by_hanna_

Main Image Credit: @fluff.eg