How to Keep Your Home Virus Free and Clean: 13 Things You Must Do

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4/6/20, 12:00 AM

We're all trying to stay at home as much as possible, only leaving the house for groceries or emergencies. If we have to leave the house, we need to make sure that before we our step foot in it, we're lessening the possibility of the virus spreading at home and on any surface. At the end of the day, there's only so much we can do and even though it's hard, we can surely try as much as we can. 

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Here are a few tips on how to protect your home from the coronavirus:

As you know the coronavirus can stay on some surfaces.  Which is why we need to be careful when we come home, with where we step our shoes, place our grocery bags and even with the clothes we're wearing.


1. Stepping into your home

First of all, take your shoes off at the door and, if possible, before you step into your home. Place them in a specific spot, which you will go back to clean and disinfect later. If you forgot and walked around the house, make sure you immediately clean your floors and use disinfectant and chlorine. Now clean your shoes really well and disinfect them. Do not walk on your carpets with your shoes  because they can be difficult to sterilize.

Note: With chlorine, you need to be really careful. Don't over use it for it can be dangerous. Use the correct ratio (check the WHO) with water so it's not harmful.  

2. Clean your hands

After you've taken off your shoes, you need to wash your hands right away and disinfect anything that might not be clean, like the door handle, your keys and most importantly your phone!

Teach your kids how to wash their hands properly!

3. Your clothes 

Now take off all of your clothes. Don't place them on the bed, and hang them in your balcony for around 24 hours, before you place them in the washing machine. 

Note: Don't forget to keep cleaning your hands between these steps, until you've ensured that you've cleaned everything you've touched. 

4. The groceries

If you brought any bags or groceries home, now it's time to start disinfecting them. Make sure you place them on the floor, not on carpets or rugs, in a specific spot. Take your groceries out one by one and disinfect each of the items individually, before putting them on any surface. 

When you're done, throw away the bags, or if you're using tote bags, which we should so we can stop single use plastic, hang them in the balcony and then wash them. Now clean and disinfect the spot you placed the bags on really well. 

5. Shower

If you can, it is preferable to take a shower and cleanse your body and face really well. 

6. Delivery

If you're getting something delivered to your home, make sure you repeat the same steps as #4 and make sure to wash your hands really well and immediately, especially if there's an exchange of cash. 

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Cleaning tips for protection from viruses:

We are frequently in contact with certain surfaces in the house like the fridge, kitchen cabinets, taps and door handles. Electronic devices like phones and TV remote controls should also be cleaned.

1. Using hot water and detergents of all kinds, such as soaps and disinfectants that contain alcohol and chlorine, can help you get rid of germs that can be found on surfaces.

2. Make sure when cleaning to use tissue paper or cloths that can be sterilized immediately after using them.

3. Use an S-motion when cleaning your surfaces to ensure they don't get contaminated again when you're moving the cloth around. 

4. Wear gloves and a mask while cleaning to protect yourself. 

5. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the house. 

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How to wash your clothes during coronavirus outbreak

A lot of women wash their clothes at a high temperature to make sure they're getting rid of any viruses, but this could eventually damage some clothes. Keep washing your clothes according to each item's instructions with your traditional detergent, it should kill any germs, but if you have someone at home who's sick or potentially infected, make sure you wash their clothes, sheets and towels on their own, isolating them from the rest.

Washing the dishes

Wash your dishes and any tableware with hot water, and to ensure their sterilization. A dishwasher is preferred because the temperature that can kill bacteria and viruses is hard for your hands to endure. 

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