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| by The Fustany Team

10 Common Misconceptions About Sex You Probably Believe

There are lots of common misconceptions about sex that people probably believe and keep passing on for years and years. Interestingly, there are so many things that people know wrong about sex. You will be surprised when you know that some of the sex facts you learnt are originally myths, so just keep reading along the 10 things people know wrong about sex...

1. Foreplay is only in the bedroom.

A common misconception about sex is that foreplay should just start in the bedroom. You can always spice things up with your husband right before you enter the bedroom. A kiss here and there or even a naughty look can always do the trick.

2. All women/men are turned on from the same places.

Yes, everyone is different. There's no rule that says that women get equally turned on when they're touched from certain places. During foreplay, make sure to communicate with your wife/husband and know where exactly do they get turned on the most.

3. Dirty talk during sex is a must.

Unlike movies and various sex scenes, dirty talk and naughty words aren't extremely necessary during having sex. This point might disappoint a lot of people, but unfortunately it's true. Some people don't even like to talk dirty while having sex.

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4. Penis size matters.

Studies have shown that lots of men can be conscious about their private parts. The truth is, women don't really care about penis sizes at all.

5. Men and women come at the same time.

Both men and women are truly different and their sexual excitement may differ. Nearly all men can orgasm and climax very easily, unlike women who really need a little bit more time and effort than men to reach orgasm.

6. A woman must bleed on her first time.

The thing about hymens, is that they differ from one woman to another. Not all women bleed on their first time of having sex, better yet, bleeding doesn't happen that often because it could be just a few drops of blood.

7. Penis size has nothing to do with shoe size and hands.

We don't quite know who spread the rumor that the shoe size and hands of the man has anything to do with the size of their man parts. The truth is, there's nothing really definitive about it at all. It's one big myth everyone just believes.

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8. If a condom is tight, it's safer. 

A common misconception is that when a condom is tight, it's more likely to prevent pregnancy or sexual diseases. A tight condom can only make things harder as you put it on or take it off.

9. Sex burns calories but it's not exercise.

Of course, a sexual intercourse does burn up to 85 to 150 calories, but it's not the same as you exercise. If you rely only on having sex with your husband to lose weight or get in shape, then you're definitely wrong. 

10. Young men are more likely to ejaculate prematurely.

Premature ejaculation can happen at any age. Young men can experience it as well as the elder ones. There's no fixed age group for this symptom.

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