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12 Kissing Techniques and Tips That Guys Love and You Need to Try Out!

First of all you're going to have excuse the title. We're not saying that only guys will like these kissing techniques, your pleasure is our priority as well. And we're pretty positive these kissing teqniques will be equally loved by both you. But since a lot of you are looking for kissing techniques that guys love, we thought we'd give you a few tips how to kiss a guy well so that you can blow your man's mind or surprise him the next time things get a little heated.

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Kissing techniques that guys love:

1. Ask him what he loves

There is no rule book. Every guy's is different and what one person likes, the other might hate and vice versa. We all have our little soft spots and we need to communicate them with our partner so they know how to turn us on. So, there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking him, what do you like? Do like that? Should I try that? Did that work? and so on...Also don't forget to also tell him what you like and don't like!

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However, the spontaneous factor is really important, so you can try things out first and see how he responds to them or ask him later how was it. That's because some guys might not know what they like, or they end up liking something they're haven't tried before.

2. Eye contact

Yes, intimacy and connection is very important. If he looks at you and can tell from your eyes you're enjoying yourself, it will be a huge turn on for him. Our eyes are very expressive, so use them and don't shy away. Every now and then, open your eyes and look at him with that gaze that you know drives him crazy.

3. A little bite

Don't be alarmed, we're not telling you to cause him any harm or potential stitches. You could ask him beforehand if he likes that or if he'd like to try it. Then while being very careful and gentle, slowly and only for a few seconds gently tug at his lower lip, with the softest pressure or even sucking it. It can be extremely hot and could be a pleasant surprise that catches him off guard, in a good way. 

4. Use your hands

Guys love having hands behind their neck. Try to remember to use your hands and let them roam free, wherever the passion takes you. Run your fingers through his hair, on his back, maybe even tug at his shirt pulling him closer to you.

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5. Guide his hands

Also guide his hands to where you want them to be. He will really love that. Show him you know what you like and you're taking control of his hands to where you want him to be.

6. His neck 

Don't forget about the neck. Every now and them move on from the lips and go to his neck kissing it, and breathing against it. You can also give it a little lick. Don't forget to play around with your tongue. Also remember you can be vocal and moan, expressing your enjoyment, whether you're kissing the neck or lips. 

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7. The jawline

Kissing underneath the jaw could be a huge turn on for a lot of guys. You can consider it as a part of previous point, while you're on your journey to the neck area. Give it some love too. 

8. What about tongue?

As for some tongue action, a lot of people recommend you start slowly and ease into it, by having some subtle slips of the tongue here and there. These are actually some guy recommendations given to Bustle:

"Don't go straight for the tongue. Part your lips slightly and grab onto his upper or lower lip with your lips. Eventually you can get your tongue involved, but start here."

"When it gets a bit more hot and heavy, move your tongue slowly in a circular motion before going back to the lips. "

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9. Change the pace: Go from soft and slow to intense and "I must have you now!"

Guys love the build up of anticipation just like we do, varying between teasing and going at it really intensely. Start things off soft slow and romantic and then build up to hot, heavy and intense. Then go back to soft again and then intense, and so on...Keep changing up the pace so you both keep getting excited over and over again. 

10. Tease him!

Teasing can be such a turn on for both of you. Get a little playful and in the middle when he leans in for a kiss, pull away from him not letting him have it. And so he'll keep trying and you'll keep teasing until you finally get to kiss and it will be really intense and sexy. 

Pull away, smile and be flirty. When you pull away, you'll have him give you that look of desire, so trust us you might even enjoy this more than he does. You can also try brushing your lips softly against each other and feeling each other's breath to build up intensity before you get into a deep kiss. 

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11. Don't forget the ear!

Ears are a big deal for some guys, the earlobe is a soft spot and so you can really turn him on while you're in that area. Go from the neck to the ear seamlessly and you can kiss it, breathe and moan next to it, lick it or even give it a little bite or tug.

12. The collarbone

Apparently the collarbone and the little dimples or dips there are a bonus for some guys. So that's another interesting addition you can try out. 

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Enjoy and happy kissing!

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