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Sex Games to Spice Up Your Marriage

Sex games are crucial to spice up your marriage with your partner, whether you're a newly married couple or soon celebrating your 10th anniversary, some couples just happen to fall in a sex rut. It's bound to happen, married couples can end up treating sex as a chore and the intimacy decreases. But don't you let that happen to you, keep your relationship revived by maintaining your sexual needs satisfied as a couple.

Sex games are an exciting way to get you wanting each others, they're a fun and a great idea to spend an evening with your partner. Step up from boring sex, don't let making love get repetitive and have a thrilling experience trying out new things together like the below sex game ideas. Here are three sex games to try out with your partner.

1. The Naughty Cards
Plan for a game night, but this time use that deck of cards differently. Start by assigning each suit a sexy thing to do, and decide those things together. For example, hearts mean stripping, spades mean kissing, clubs mean getting a massage and diamonds mean using a sex toy. Stack the cards deck facing downwards, at this point your partner should be blindfolded, and should pick a card randomly. Check what the card reads and start by performing the sexy moves that the cards denotes on your partner with a duration according to the number of card, so if the picked card was a six club, then your partner should get an arousing massage for six minutes. He picked a joker? Then it's his lucky day! A joker means you can go creative and pick whatever sexual activity you like to do, lick some whipping cream off his chest or lead him to make love in an unexpected place. After you're done with this, then it's your turn to get blindfolded and pick a card. Isn't this sex game a fun way to keep the intimacy in your marriage going?

2. Handcuffed in Bed
You always make love in bed, why don't you try to spice it up a little bit? Inspired by '50 Shades of Grey,' give your man four neckties, lie naked and let him tie your wrists and ankles to the bedposts in this sex game. If your bed doesn't have bedposts, maybe he could tie your wrists together behind your back and fasten the neckties on your ankles to the legs of the bed. All what you have to do is relax and let him make love to you the way he wants. You'll be aroused by being powerless and having him perform unexpected moves on you. If you want to go the extra mile, wear some lingerie and let him rip it off you after you've been cuffed with the neckties.

3. The Kinky 'Would You Rather'
This isn't your usual 'Would You Rather' game, consider it an x-rated version of the good old game. The kinky 'Would You Rather' is all about asking naughty questions and actually doing the answer that your partner has chosen. For example, ask him "Would you rather take a shower together or be given a lap dance?" If he answers that he would rather be given a lap dance, then it means that you should treat your man to a lap dance! Keep the choices interesting, you could include new sex positions or sexual fantasies in this sex game. You'll get to know a lot about each others' sexual preferences from the choices both of you will be making.

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