Although on the surface sex might seem clear and uncomplicated, in reality it is quite the opposite. Some believe that because it's a natural thing and since it has always been practiced and is still practiced by different generations over the years and since the beginning of time, it's basic and simple. But perhaps this is precisely the reason why for many years a lot of women have not felt sexual pleasure, and unfortunately sex is sometimes still seen as something that is limited to making only the men happy. Thankfully times are changing and many movements advocate women's rights and empower women to understand their bodies. We think it is long overdue that we lift the veil on some vague and still misunderstood issues in sex, especially women's orgasms.

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The female orgasm is still puzzling to many, to this day. If you ask any woman or man about it, you will not find a clear and explicit answer. However, you might even find some extremely confident answers that actually portray nothing even close to the truth. In fact, it's hard to blame anyone for believing these misconceptions, as this is the result of false information about so many things in life online, within which the correct information often gets lost. Anyway we're here today to talk to you about the different types of female orgasms, and how you can't just simply the orgasm to one simple form.

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First of all, let's get to know what exactly is an orgasm?

If you ask a group of women who have had orgasms, you'll probably find different responses with different experiences and feelings. Every woman has her own definition of what an orgasm means. But if we could try to generalize, we can say that it is a feeling of intense pleasure that occurs during sexual activity. It is something that is not limited to only men only, but it is also felt by women.

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What exactly happens when a woman reaches an orgasm?

When women reach an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contract rhythmically and involuntarily. These contractions are thought to help the blood flow out of the erect tissues to the clitoris and vulva, and then allowing it to return to its usual resting or flaccid state. During arousal and orgasms, a woman's heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure also rise.

Also, levels of oxytocin, known as the 'love hormone', increase during sexual arousal and are believed to peak during an orgasm. The areas of the brain associated with dopamine, the 'happy hormone', are also activated in both men and women.

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Do all women have orgasms?

All women can have orgasms if we learn to understand our bodies well. Understanding your body is key when it comes to orgasms. However, if you haven't figured it out yet, don't push yourself and feel like there's something wrong with you. Just because you haven't reached or experienced an orgasm yet, doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or that your partner won't be happy. It is not as easy as it is with men, who often reach orgasms in the same way. Mostly, men reach orgasms with 95% of their intimate encounters. However, women have orgasms with only 50% to 70% of their sexual encounters.

What we mean is that what movies have implanted in the minds of many men about all women having orgasms easily during sex is wrong. It is not that easy and takes a lot more effort from the guy than what is portrayed in media. So there is no need to fake it with your partner every time, and put yourself under a lot of stress and pressure. If you still haven't had an orgasm, that's okay, as you may need to understand your body and its needs more, as well as help your partner understand it as well.

So, how do women reach an orgasm?

Well, let's face it, answering this question directly would be misleading. Really, there is no single, straightforward way that will guarantee and orgasm for all women. There are more common ways, but again all bodies are different. What we can tell you is to discover your body! Yes, understand every part of it, understand it's what it likes and what it needs, observe yourself and your body's reactions during sex and intimacy, to see what gives you pleasure.

We know, that there are some lucky women who can easily have orgasms without any effort, or a lot easier than others, but for most women, this is not the case. Having an orgasm is a journey of discovery that you must go through. And rest assured that understanding your body properly will make things a lot easier for you in life, not just when it comes to sex.

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Is there more than one type of orgasm?

Limiting orgasms to one type only, or saying it happens only through penetration, would be a big lie that many of us have believed for years. According to recent studies, that have tested orgasms from a female perspective, 75% of women do not reach orgasms through penetration only. According to a sex therapist, there are many different types of orgasms, and to be a little clearer, they are not types as much as different ways a woman can have orgasm

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1. Orgasms during sleep

This type of orgasm can be very common and many experience it, but without really understanding what's going on. It's not something you can interfere with, but it depends on how sexually active your brain is during sleep. Although there is no human intervention in this one, we had to mention it because of how common it is. 

2. Breathing orgasms

It might be shocking to find that orgasms are not solely based solely on physical sexual activity. You can even reach an orgasm through deep breathing and the awareness and feeling of different parts of your body. According to studies, many women have actually experienced better orgasms  by breathing deeply during sexual activity.

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3. Mental/ Brain orgasms

You can't just rely on your body during sex, your mind has to be involved too. What the mind is capable of it incredible and beyond imagination. Making your mind visualize pleasure with your partner and having an orgasm, can actually help you get there. 

4. Orgasms through the clitoris 

The clitoris is a small hood that is full of nerves and sits at the top of the vulva. It's sole purpose is sexual pleasure and it is the easiest and fastest direct way to reach an orgasm for many people. So if you've never has an orgasm before, clitoral stimulation is a good way to start.

5. Nipple orgasms!

You may be surprised to learn that 29% of women can have orgasms by stimulating only the nipples. Yes, studies have shown that this could happen. When the nipples are stimulated during foreplay, oxytocin is released, causing the same uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasms. This results in more blood flowing to the genitals and can lead to an orgasm.

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6. Skin orgasms

Women can reach orgasms by touching the skin in an arousing way. It's like the goosebumps you get when a cool breeze comes your way or when you listen to a music or song that you're touched by. So the next time you have sex, give your skin enough love.

7. Orgasms through the G-Spot

As you know, the G-spot is another area of arousal. It is located on the upper inner front of vaginal wall. With its stimulation, some women can reach an orgasm.

8. Orgasm through the cervix

Another area that can cause ​​intense arousal for women is the cervix. It includes a large group of nerve endings located in the cervix and around the uterus, which can be stimulated to reach orgasm. 

9. Blended orgasm

Fortunately for women, unlike men, we can reach more than one type of orgasm at the same time. When more than one area of ​​a woman's body is stimulated, like for example through penetration and clitoral stimulation, this can lead to 2 different types of orgasms at the same time or a blended orgasm, which is very intense.

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