8 Cream Blush Hacks That Will Take Your Makeup to The Next Level!

Mariam Youssef
7/18/23, 10:30 AM

Cream blush is perhaps the best option for achieving a rosy complexion that looks natural. When done properly, it blends in perfectly with the skin and may make even the palest skin appear as though it has been soaked in warm sunlight. Not to mention, the strategically placed cream blush on the cheekbones and over the bridge of the nose is the foundation of TikTok's popular makeup trends, such as “cold girl” and “coquette.” Although powder blush is specifically good for creating a lasting effect, melt-in formulations, like liquid blushes and balms, are perfect for simulating a natural flush. That said, we’ll show you some awesome cream blush hacks that will transform your makeup look and make it better!

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Replace powder with cream

If you often use a powder blush, consider liquid blushes instead because they are set like a powder but appear more natural and buttery when rubbed with the fingertips. There are plenty of cream blushes out there that offer a nice middle ground thanks to their matte finish that closely resembles actual skin without adding any shine. For a long-lasting natural look, pat the cream on your cheeks and blend upwards with your hands.

Fingertips application

Cream blushes are fantastic multipurpose color enhancers for lips, cheeks, and eyes. To avoid a heavy-handed or cakey application, mix the color in with your hands and let the product melt into the skin. Even better: stick and balm formulations can increase brightness and are simpler to blend without using a mirror.

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Layer your blush

Blush in powder form is not exactly long-lasting. Although layering creams and powders on top of your blush may seem like the logical option, there are other advantages that are frequently overlooked. Adding depth to your cheeks by layering your powder blush over your cream blush will guarantee its longevity. A lovely halo of color may be created by using creams and powders in a variety of colors. This halo looks especially lovely on the larger parts of your face, such as your cheeks.

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Try the “Igari” blush

Blush placements may dramatically change your facial structure and alter the mood of your makeup. The Japanese blush trend known as "Igari" served as the basis for today's blush spotlight. Igari makeup focuses on blush, which is typically applied under the eyes. It frequently goes by the name "drunk makeup" since it imitates the rosy flush you get after drinking a little. Igari blush is pretty adorable as well as a trendy and feminine blush placement. Additionally, Igari blush can lift the face rather than drag the features downward like typical blush placements.

Blush the eyes too

For lazy mornings or unexpected sleep-ins, use the blush on your eyes. It gives the face a seamless, homogeneous, and stylish appearance by instantly tying everything together. To create structure and dimension, be sure to move some of your blush into the crease. Your work colleagues won't know that you snoozed the alarm 50 times thanks to this trick's seeming attention to detail and careful planning. Use this method on your smokey eyes as well! It gives your makeup a feeling of order and unites even the most intricate and sophisticated eye looks.

Makeup artists’ techniques

The beautiful faces that we know and see all the time, like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and many more, have all benefited from a magnificent blush application from their makeup artists. The main trick behind the flawless blush is using a neon pink color to highlight your blush. Using a neon color will give your cheeks an instant boost of brightness and a healthy shine.

Consider your undertones

Using your blush to balance out undertones is incredibly lovely. Orange-red colors will balance out colder undertones, whereas blue-based pinks or berries can be used if you have a warm undertone. Furthermore, think about intensity. You may want to add a little rosy glow to the skin that is paler. 

A bright pop on a darker complexion creates a look that is so healthy and flushed. Choose a blush that is brighter and more pigmented if your skin tone is deep. Going for a lighter color and layering up pigment will frequently result in a thick finish that clashes with a dewy base, which appears absurd for a subtle look.

@jazlmao using blushes from @Thebeautycrop & @colourpopco ✨ which one would you try? #ombreblush ♬ Woman - Doja Cat

Ombre blush

The technique simply needs two colors of cream or liquid blush; usually, people choose purple and pink. From there, apply the lighter shade to the apples of your cheeks and the darker shade to the tops of your cheekbones. You'll be left with a soft but attractive contour after blending it out with your fingertips or a sponge.

Cream blush can take your makeup to a whole new level if you learn how to apply it properly. Make sure to apply the mentioned tips whenever you’re using cream blush to end up with a gorgeous look.

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