9 Different Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorials for Every Taste and Skill

Farida Abdel Malek
10/12/20, 12:00 AM

The best thing about Halloween skull makeup is that there's levels to it. It can be really simple and easy but also really complex and sophisticated. There's something for everyone; glam skull makeup, Sugar Skull makeup, half skull makeup and even neon! What better way to prep for Halloween than to surf YouTube for the best Halloween skull makeup tutorials out there...

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Last Minute Halloween Skull Makeup

Hannah Renéen does here 3 different Halloween makeup looks, one of them is a really easy skull one. It's really simple, easy and flatternig. 

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Easy Pretty Skull Makeup Tutorial

This is another really pretty and simple skull makeup tutorial by Chrisspy. She uses a soft rosey lilac as her main shade, so it's great if you're scared of the harshness of black. 

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Colorful Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Shonagh Scott does a really pretty bright and colorful Sugar Skull makeup look, using red pink and a beautiful blue. She also uses simple makeup products so it feels really accessible and doable. 

Diamond Sugar Skull Makeup

This makeup look takes Sugar Skull makeup to another level, by making it really galm and adorning it with Crystals. Check out how Jordan Liberty does it.

Glam Neon Half Skull Makeup tutorial

We loved this Feelunique makeup tutorial. Besides looking really complex and out there, it's actually not that hard. Just needs a bit of a steady hand. 

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Rainbow Neon Skull Makeup

Neon skull makup has been really popular and it's indredibly eyecatching. It really does look neon and it's all about playing with color. It is, however, on the harder side, so it needs some practice. This one by Giulianna Maria looks really cool.

Melting Skull Makeup Tutorial

This look by Desi Perkins is insane. I clicked on it just so I can see how it's possibly done. It looks really cool and is actually not impossible to do. Just needs a bit of patience.

Halloween Half Skull Makeup Look

Half skulls are really cool and they can save you a lot of time on the day. This one is also by Chrisspy and she mainly uses black, white and shading. 

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Pumpkin Skull Makeup 

I picked this one because I felt it looked like one these makeup looks that look really hard to do but are actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it and follow the steps. Check out Esmeralda Gudino's tutorial.

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