Microshading VS Microblading: The Difference Between Them and Their Pros and Cons

Mariam Youssef
7/17/23, 9:00 AM

Whenever you think that you know everything about brows and what’s new in the beauty world, a new trend comes up that may confuse you even more. Did you hear about eyebrow microshading? Do you think that it is similar to microblading? Well, it is not as there are some differences between the two procedures. That said, let’s get right into it and introduce you to microshading and microblading and their pros and cons.

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Microblading and microshading are occasionally mistaken to be the same thing. Although these procedures might give the appearance of larger brows, 

they are not the same. Utilizing pigmented pin-like specks, microshading creates the appearance of powdered eyebrows, while a bladed needle is used in microblading to deposit pigment under the skin, so your brows are filled by the technician using hair-like strokes that mimic real eyebrow hair.

What is microshading?

In order to get a less harsh appearance than that of microblading, the artist will utilize a stippling technique (rather than hair-like strokes) and repeated doses of color while microshading eyebrows.

Microshading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that offers the appearance of some brow makeup without washing off like makeup. It is accomplished by adding color to the skin beneath the brows, giving it a tone that creates the appearance of fullness. There are two ways to achieve it: either just adding a tint, or adding a tint and hair strokes around the front or the entire arch.

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What does a microshading session look like?

The microshading process requires two sessions. Some brow artists combine the first session with the initial consultation. Note that you should refrain from the following in order to get ready for a microshading procedure:

- Ibuprofen, coffee, alcohol, and fish oil 24 hours ahead of time to avoid bleeding and bruising.

- Eyebrow plucking or waxing prior to the treatment by one week.

- If you’re doing facials, do it at least two weeks before treatment.

- Tanning beds and beach time on the day of the operation.

- Vitamin A or retinol products at least one month before the procedure.

Pros and cons of microshading


- Microshading will give a similar look to eyebrow powder.

- You will end up with thicker, fuller eyebrows.

- It is ideal for sensitive or oily skin.

- Microblading doesn't last as long as microshading. Microshading typically lasts around two years, whereas microblading typically lasts about 18 months.


The same negative effects of microblading also apply to microshading, including:

- The color will fade over time and turn blue or pink.

- There is always a risk of infection because the procedure requires the application of a needle. - Your skin may scar after the operation as it recovers, but once the scabbing goes away, you may be left with a strong effect that will fade over the course of a week or two.

- Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a coloring material used in hair colors that helps the tint stain the skin, may be present in some colors used for micro shading. Even though sensitivity to it is quite uncommon, it's usually wise to perform a patch test before starting therapy.

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What is microblading?

With pigments that enter your brow skin, the artist creates hair-like strokes with the microblading technique, leaving behind lovely strokes that resemble genuine hair. Even though the operation takes a few hours, it is fairly straightforward. Needles are used to assist insert the pigment into your skin. The technique of microblading is not painful because a skilled artist will apply numbing cream to make the entire procedure more bearable.

Because there is a gap between the strands of hair and it appears more blended to the human eye, microblading can appear more natural, while microshading may seem more like an Instagram brow.

How is it done?

Only a manual tool, an extremely fine blade composed of multiple needles, is used for microblading. It is dragged across the skin, leaving scratches that resemble real hairs and are later filled with color.

Pros and cons of microblading


- The most obvious benefit is that you obtain gorgeous, lasting, natural-looking brows that no eyebrow filler can quite match and that won't require to be touched up for several months.

- It is safe and effective.

- It will save you a lot of time doing your makeup.

- The procedure itself is quick; it may only take a couple of hours.


- It may cause infections or allergic reactions.

- The aftercare is quite complicated, so you have to stick to it for the best results.

Can microshading and microblading be combined?

As a matter of fact, shading is rarely performed by itself. Hybrid or combo brows are the end effect of blending shading and hair strokes. The end result is the appearance of brows that are naturally thicker and have been given a little makeup.

Microshading and microblading pain levels

Because the skin is repeatedly broken throughout both procedures, there is some discomfort involved. Both treatments use a topical anesthetic to numb the area, so neither should be particularly uncomfortable. Each person has a different level of pain when choosing between microblading and microshading. Those who have experienced both have differing viewpoints. Some people claim that blading is more uncomfortable than shading. You can anticipate some pressure, pitching, and stinging in any case, but not true pain.

The cost of microshading and microblading

The cost of microblading is higher than that of microshading. The reason for the pricing difference is that microblading uses needles to apply color to your skin in strokes that resemble human hair. On the other hand, microshading uses a rotating tool that enables the artist to paint your brow with longer, more frequent strokes. If you want to know the exact prices, it is best to check with a trusted clinic or practitioner.

If it takes you a long time to fill, draw, brush, and perfect your brow every day, microshading and microblading would be excellent solutions for you. You may also want to consider brow lamination. Read this article to know more about it.

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