It is always important to look back at our habits and routines and see how we can make some tweaks to benefit our skin and lifestyle. I think it might be misconceived that once you're passed 40, it's too late to start reversing any damage or change your skincare habits. Yes, results are better and things are much more effective in your 20s and 30s, but that doesn't mean you should give up on your skin, if you're over 40, and stop showing it love. Today we're discussing some of the most common skincare mistakes to avoid if you're over 40, that could help you continue taking care of your skin, keeping it well loved, fresh and youthful...

The last 2 weeks we talked about about the difference between botox and fillers and some skincare alternatives that are not injections.

1. Not loving your skin and how it's aging

I think it's very important that we start with this point because one of the most common problems is looking in the mirror everyday and pointing out what's wrong with your face and what you'd wish was different. Don't get me wrong, aging is hard and it takes a while to get used to the fact that you won't look 28 or even 31 forever.

But the thing is, just like anything in life, the more we hate on our skin and reject it, the more we remain unhappy with how it looks. Aging is inevitable and there's an immense amount of beauty with aging. So the next time we look in the mirror, maybe we should try and change the perspective and point out the things we love about our face and what we're grateful to have.

Some inspiring words to make you feel proud looking at yourself in the mirror everyday...

2. Not wearing sunscreen everyday

Apparently one of Julianne Moore's major secrets to great skin and aging fabulously is sunscreen. Sunscreen has been known to actually slow down signs of aging, even if you're over 40. Recent studies have actually seen the effects of sunscreen in reversing signs of aging and pigmentation. Apparently when you apply sunscreen and contribute to shielding your skin everyday from more damage, this gives your skin the chance to heal and rejuvenate.


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3. Not understanding your skin

Not knowing what your skin needs and understanding its nature is another issue. Our skin changes everyday and it's hard to keep up, so maybe visit a really good dermatologist, just to understand your skin and learn about where it's at right now. It's never too late to start making a difference.

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4. Tugging, pulling, dragging

You know how skincare experts are always demonstrating applying products to your face in upward motions? This is because we actually tend to forget and drag our skin down, which on the long term can increase the appearance of sagging. We all want our skin to stay lifted and plump, and it's never too late to start being more careful with how we touch our skin.

Try to avoid any pulling and tugging, especially around sensitive areas, like the eye area. Always remember to be gentle with your skin, so that you're not affecting the collagen fibers and speeding up the formation of wrinkles and sagging. Also try to integrate the use of facial rollers to help promote blood flow and tighten the skin.


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5. Sleeping on your side

Yes, it is comfortable. But, it does age us. Rumor has it, JLo has one of these special pillows that helps you sleep on your back and stops you from sleeping on your side. Like we mentioned above, the tugging and pulling that happens from the pillow while sleeping could help increase the appearance of wrinkles and could keep the skin from staying lifted for longer.


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6. Forgetting your neck and d├ęcolletage

With sunscreen, moisturizers and oils we focus on applying them to our face everyday, while forgetting about other important parts of skin that age as well, like our neck and d├ęcolletage. It's so simple, just apply a little more of your skincare and bring it down to your neck area, just make sure you're applying and massaging it upwards, not dragging the skin downwards.

7. Not drinking enough water

We know that you've heard about this a million times, but water really is a magic tool for the skin. The more we age the more we need as much hydration as we can get.

We talked to one of the Fustany Team members about her experience with drinking up to 4 water bottles a day, you should read what she said.

8. Ignoring moisturizing and hydrating your skin

After 40, our skin starts to produce less natural oils, so it easily gets dehydrated and your skin can get really dry, which we all know is a main cause of aging. Moisturizing daily and using hydrating beneficial oils is so important and essential to keep your skin glowing, fresh and youthful.


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9. Doing too much injections, all at once

It's important before you go in for botox or fillers to look back at pictures of yourself and only yourself, where you felt like your skin was ideal. Then communicate with your doctor how you can do it as naturally as possible.

People often make the mistake of doing a lot of botox and fillers all of a sudden. So, they might end up unhappy with the results because they look too unnatural or unfamiliar. Try to take things slowly and gradually to prepare yourself, so that if you end up not liking it, it won't be too much of a drastic change for you.

10. Too much skincare

Make sure you read about the products you're using. There are a lot of guides online about which skincare ingredients don't go with each other and counteract each other. Make sure you try to have a limited regular routine that's not too overwhelming, so that the products can actually have the space to work, without being counteracted by something else. Also try not to over exfoliate, once or twice a week could be enough for you.


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11. Too much sugar, dairy or smoking

All of the above and especially food that contains artificial additives can really affect the skin, making it breakout, look dull, tired, and eventually age faster. Try to keep in your diet Omega-rich foods to maintain your skin's plumpness and healthy glow.

Try Chia seeds which are really rich in omega-3, they're actually really good for the body, hair and skin.

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