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Hijabis, Style Your Trendy Button-Down Denim Skirt in These Awesome Ways!

Mariam Youssef
8/28/23, 12:30 PM

Denim skirts have been coming in and out of fashion trends since forever. They’re proven to be practical, easy to wear, and versatile. They’re the perfect choice for modest, trendy fashion. Nowadays, button-down denim skirts are in trend, and we’re so here for this trend! Plenty of hijabi bloggers have purchased and styled this skirt differently. So, let’s take a look at how to style the button-down skirt for hijabis to create modest, trendy, and chic outfits.

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Tucked-in shirt

Styling your button-down denim skirt with a tucked-in shirt will instantly elevate your look and turn your simple casual outfit into a classier one. You can button all the shirts buttons all the way up or leave the first 3 unbuttoned while wearing a top underneath. Adding accessories like a belt and necklace will surely make the look better.

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Open shirt

Instead of tucking your shirt inside the skirt, opt for an oversized shirt and wear it as is on top of a basic blouse. This will give you a funky, cool look that matches your denim skirt vibe.

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Chic blouse 

If you intend to wear your skirt in the evening, you may want to consider a classy top to go with the overall atmosphere of your outing, especially if it’s a date. Choose a soft, fitted blouse to balance out the width of your A-line skirt. However, if your skirt is pencil, opt for a loose-fitted top. Make sure you wear nice shoes to take this look to a totally different level.

Layer a cardigan 

Style a basic top with your denim skirt and layer a cardigan on top, be it long or short. Besides your gorgeous denim skirt, the cardigan will be the statement piece of your outfit that can make or break your look. So, make sure you choose a nice silk, linen, or cotton cardigan that will add an elegant touch to your look.

Blaze it up

Although denim material is casual, you can still turn your basic casual look to a casual chic one with a few additions. Adding a blazer to your denim skirt outfit will surely make you look the part at work or office meetings. Choose the proper length and fit to go with your skirt so that the entire look is balanced and chic.

Denim on denim!

Since the denim skirts have made a successful comeback, here’s another 90s trend – the denim on denim! Style your denim skirt with a denim jacket for a full cool, trendy denim look. If you need a pop of color, choose a bright-colored denim jacket to make your look more fun and summer-appropriate.

All year-round

The best thing about denim skirts is that you can wear them any time of the year. Your choice of tops can be according to the season. In the summertime, you can wear breezy tops while in the winter, you can pair your denim skirt with sweaters, coats, vests, and jackets. Investing in this piece is surely worth it.

Where to buy trendy denim skirts from?


You can find the trendy button-down skirt at this online store with a reasonable price and great quality. Check the page’s reviews to know how much the clients love the skirt.


Marwa Boutique aims to help women feel strong and confident through their outfits. Surely, the denim skirt is one of the best sellers among many other great products. The boutique also has different denim skirt styles other than the button-down one. Check out their products to know more.


At Pasha’s online store, you can find button-down denim skirts in two colors - light blue and deep blue. You’ll also find several other cute pieces that can make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Main image credit: @mirnaaly22 , @sarahsarwat98


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