Pajamas are magical pieces of clothes that give us a lot of comfort as soon as we put them on. It’s also the item we need and wear the most now since the start of the quarantine due to the spread on COVID-19. Spending many hours in the confines of our homes requires comfortable and stylish pieces of clothes to keep us relaxed and satisfied with how we look. This will also reflect on our mental state, which we need to try and keep stable for as long as possible.

This might have been Carina’s thought when creating their new pajamas and loungewear collection. They provided us with the chicness of outerwear, that we can no longer enjoy at outings these days, without compromising comfort.

This was why I decided to wear Carina’s pajamas, but it wasn’t the only reason of course. There are many reasons that made me take this decision and I’ll be telling you all about them in the following points. Also, I’m sure after reading this you’ll want to immediately go online to order your own set.

1. The first thing I noticed when I checked out Carina’s new pajamas collection was their vivid spring and summer colors, which is essential in my book. I believe that bright and light colors have a huge impact on our emotions. For me, it gives me a lot of happiness and energy and whenever I look at it, I feel relaxed.

2. Carina made sure to cater to every taste when it comes to fabrics. I personally love dynamic clothes that have fun designs, and I found just that with the printed pajama sets with floral patterns and cute illustrations. I’m sure that whatever your taste is, you’ll find the right pieces for you. From feminine soft silk clothes, to viscose stretchy pieces, and cotton pajamas that gives me instant comfort once I put it on. It almost feels like someone’s rubbing my shoulders to help me forget about all the worries and stress that I’ve been feeling. I’m sure we all need this these days.

3. What made me love Carina’s new pajamas collection wasn’t just the colors and fabrics, but also the size variety. The second I find a clothing item that fits my size and body shape is a very happy moment for me. This is especially the case for pajamas and loungewear because their main purpose is to give us comfort. Don’t you think so too?


In any case, finding your perfect size from Carina will not be a problem for any woman since they fit a variety of body shapes and sizes (S, M, L, XL).

4. I admit that I’m not a fan of in-store shopping, and with the current conditions, it’s become impossible to do just that. We all need to stay inside as much as possible, except when necessary. That means that the best way to shop is online, and Carina has now enabled online shopping on their website for our comfort and safety. All you need to do is visit their website or other online stores such as Souq or Jumia, and select the pieces you like in your size and preferred colors.

Finally, I really felt like Carina made it a priority to give every woman what she’s looking for. They’re not just pajama sets or nice loungewear, but they’re comforting pieces of clothes that give us confidence and support throughout our days. There is no perfect body shape or ideal size, we are all beautiful with all our different body types.