Sweater vests are a very popular piece for fall 2020/winter 2021 trends. We're starting to see it in most stores and fashion bloggers have been wearing them a lot. It might seem restrictive it terms of styling, but there are actually a couple of ways you can learn how to a sweater vest outfit in 2020/2021. Keep reading to find out and check out these sweater vest outfits...

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How to wear a sweater vest outfit:

Sweater vests with dresses

sweater vest outfits 2020

Do you have a dress that you love and would like to keep wearing in winter? Well, what do you think of wearing it with a cute sweater vest to keep you warm. Choose a short wool vest which will give you warmth and elegance in one look without any effort needed.

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Sweater vest 80's outfit

sweater vest outfits 2020

If you like 80s fashion, a sweater vest with geometric patterns is the way to go. Wear it with puffy sleeved shirt and jeans to modernize it. 

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Sweater vest smart casual look

sweater vest outfits 2020

If you want to have a chic but practical look, you can wear a sweater vest in a darker color, like black, navy or brown. Wear it with dark work pants and a classic shirt with your choice of a handy work bag.

Sweater vest monochrome outfit

sweater vest outfits 2020

As you know, monochrome is really popular and really chic, while being easy and effortless. Combine shades of beige and nudes with neutrals like white and you can get this very minimal chic look.

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How to wear a sweater vest casually

sweater vest outfits 2020

If you are looking for a chic casual look, we recommend you coordinate sweater vests with skirts or jeans. Pick a bright color such as blue, red, or purple, and wear it with the skirt in a color that goes with it or with your shirt underneath. You can either wear a short one or fold it into your skirt or pants. Finish off your look with sneakers.

Sweater vests with an oversized shirt

sweater vest outfits 2020

You can also wear a sweater vest with an oversized shirt and tall boots for a very sexy modern look.  Just make sure to add some nice accessories and jewelry to your outfit to balance it out well. 

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Floral sweater vest feminine outfit  

sweater vest outfits 2020

If you are looking for a soft feminine look, there is nothing better than a wool floral sweater vest. Going for pastel colors will also be really cute and suit the daytime.