How many times have you entered your favorite store and found out that the piece you're looking for is out of stock? It happened to all of us. We feel annoyingly disappointed when we fail to find the item we want to rock our outfits with -just like the fashion bloggers we follow, and then we tend to feel kind of helpless about what back up plans we should have. Well, guess what? A lot of these items are just around the corner! Where? Right next to you in the men's department!

You probably never visited this department unless you're gifting someone or you're shopping with your dad/brother/partner/etc. Well, it's time to visit it for your own wardrobe. Yes, all the stylish items you're probably in search for can be found in the men's clothing section so let's see what they are.

1. Over-sized jumpers

The thing is, men's jumpers really have unique prints that are hard to find in women's clothing stores. Do the trick of finding a corresponding size for you in men's sizing scale, and enjoy your  own favorite uniquely printed pullover/jumper!


2. Over-sized jackets

Especially denim jackets and coats. Not to mention that men's winter jackets come in many vivid colors this year, unlike the past season which will be so helpful for you! So what are you waiting for? Go pick your favorite style and color, and thank me later!


3. Plaid loose trousers

Yes, you heard right. Choose the smallest size if you might find the common sizes so loose on you. Probably the smallest size still won't be tight on you. They are originally designed to be fit for a man, but when you pick one for yourself, you'll even be more fashionable because they will be a bit over-sized, as if you planned it!


4. Opaque socks

Well, this is one tip you should try. If you always wonder where you should get your winter socks from, here is the answer: Men's department. Then, the next step is styling it the way you want! You're welcome.


5. Scarves

Why? Because their size is usually larger than the scarves found in the women's section, and sometimes they come in more stylish, trendy or unique prints and colors.


6. Hoodies

How can we miss this one? Don't you just love borrowing your brother or boyfriend's hoodie for how cozy and warm it is? So why not get yourself one!


7. Belts

Don't forget to have a look at the men's leather belts. The thick ones to be specific. They are so trendy in women's fashion this winter, that's why they might be out of stock a lot these days. That's why you'd save yourself effort and time if you just go buy one from any men's clothing store. They're always available there!


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