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Care For a Mom-Child Matching-Shoes Moment? Check Out These Stores!

Mariam Youssef
9/19/23, 1:00 PM

Moms love it when they dress their little ones just like them, captioning their photos “Mini me.” finding matching clothes, especially T-shirts, has become easy since many sellers can afford it. However, it is tricky to find mom-and-son/daughter matching shoes. Therefore, we decided to share with you some places where you can buy matching shoes for yourselves and your littles ones to complete the “mini me” look.

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Hanfy Store

If you're interested in cartoon or Disney characters, you'll love this store. There's a great variety of shoe selections for you and your little one. Moreover, there are plenty of designs that suit different tastes, so you'll surely be satisfied with the matching shoes.

Contact information:

Instagram: Hanfy Store

Facebook: Hanfy Store

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Converse has been a staple brand for most of us, giving us a huge variety of colors that go with all of our casual outfits. Sometimes, people style their Converse with casual chic outfits too. Imagine matching with your kid, in which both of you are wearing your cute Converse shoes.

Contact information:

Instagram: Converse 

Facebook: Converse

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Are you a regular visitor to Mall of Arabia? If yes, then you've probably seen Lefties. However, if you haven't had the chance to visit this store or navigate the website, let us tell you that you ought to! From women's apparel to kids' clothes to men's clothing, the options are endless. Surely, you'll find matching shoes at Lefties with different designs and shapes that will appeal to you and your kid.

Contact information:

Instagram: Lefties

Facebook: Lefties 


This store unleashes your inner artist since you'll be able to choose the design and Inkology will execute it for you, be it cartoon characters or any other designs you and your little one loves.

Contact information:

Instagram: Inkology

Facebook: Inkology


While this isn't typically a store that sells shoes, it surely sells matching Crocs. As a matter of fact, Crocs come in handy in a variety of situations for moms and kids too. They're easy-to-wear, cute, and a go-to choice for quick errands.

Contact information:

Instagram: Crocs

Facebook: Crocs


Share lovely moments with your son or daughter while dressed in matching clothes that look fresh and fashionable. Moreover, TOMS shoes are sturdy, so no matter how active your child is, the shoes will endure.

Contact information:

Instagram: TOMS

Facebook: TOMS


Needless to say, PUMA's shoes are beyond amazing, stylish, sturdy, and simply cool. Your kid, especially if they're old enough to realize how cool the shoes are, will totally appreciate their footwear. You will love matching with them too since they'll suit different outfits and styles.

Contact information:

Instagram: PUMA

Facebook: PUMA

Website: PUMA

Lola And The Boys

Lola And The Boys is a fantastic website for kids where you'll find an amazing variety of matching clothing for both boys and girls. Moreover, the shoe designs are spectacular, unique, and simply gorgeous. The available styles on the website are fabulous and you may find something for you if you have small feet. You'll totally enjoy matching with your kid since the website has clothes and shoes for moms and kids.

Contact information:

Website: Lola And The Boys 



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