After the excitement during New York, London and Milan, I couldn't wait to see what Paris Fashion Week had in store. Was it going to go with the same theme of throwbacks or take in down to Parisian minimalism? And to my surprise and joy, designers did both at the same time...

They took the '70s and '80s trends we've been seeing and made it even a step further by transporting us into the disco era, with mirror-like silver sequins and metallics, as seen at Balmain and Isabel Marant. There was also another theme going on that highlighted the beauty of neutrality. Nude tones filled the runways breaking the rules of spring, mostly seen through oversized sharp, graphic blazers and two piece casual suits.

Brands like Chloé and Louis Vuitton took the patterns out of the '80s with bright, vibrant mixes swirled with a touch of elegance, basically the perfect combination. We also noticed a lot of leopard prints like at Elie Saab and Rochas.  

Biker shorts also made a strong comeback. It was seen mostly in tight, fitted styles paired with big jackets and blazers. I also noticed at Balmain inspiration taken from the length of the shorts and interpreted into loose, washed-out denim shorts. 

The week ended with a bang when Chanel took us to the beach (literally), reminding us of the true beauty of summer clothes, which we were all bored of, anticipating winter. Also Louis Vuitton added the edginess and feminine strength we've been itching to see Nicolas Ghesquière translate. 

Take a look at 46 of our favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week below... 

All Image Credits: NowFashion