Silky Pants Styles That Will Take Over 2023
Engy Elghannam
3/24/23, 2:00 PM

Trousers have always been a key component in any wardrobe, and 2023 welcomes us with new trends that have centered around pants, and we can't ignore them. One of these styles is silky pants. In this article, we are focusing on women's silky pants styles, so let's look at the trends that will accompany us this season.

Silky cargo pants

Trend alert: Cargo silky pants are your look of choice for 2023. Especially the ones with long hems, baggy legs, and pockets. You'll find these pants available at ZARA.

Styling tip

To achieve the stylish and edgy look, you've got to pair your silky cargo pants with chunky heels to add this feminine touch. To keep the look extra on-trend, add fitted tops or body suits.

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Printed silky pants

 We have to admit that printed silky pants are a trend on the rise. If you want to make a fashion statement this summer, you can’t go wrong with the silky printed pants. Go shop your favorite pairs of patterned pants from MANGO.

Styling tip

To have this pop-up look with your printed pants, add a satin top with the same pattern, as this style is made for a look that's elegant and fashion forward. If all those prints are too much for you, just pair your pants with a basic white shirt and finish the outfit with a satin headband.

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Low-rise wide silky pants

Satin low-rise oversize pants are so on-trend for 2023, and they will add some glam to this year’s pants look. Get your pants now from H&M.

Styling tip

If you really want to make a statement, add a tube top to your loose pants and wear your favorite sneakers to let your oversized pants hit the floor for this stylish look. For a playful feel, add a jazzy belt or chain belt, and complete the look with a baggy bag.

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Silky flowy high-waisted pants

When it comes to trousers, wide-leg pants have been dominating for the past few seasons, and they continue to be fashionable, especially the ones with a satin finish. As they are sure to flatter most body types, they are also so elegant and can go with many looks. You can shop these pants from MANGO.

Styling tip

Try a soft blush monochromatic outfit, so style your flowy high-waisted pants with a crop top the same color as the pants; they will go perfectly together.

Satin feather trim trousers

image credit: Noha Elsherbiny 

Step out in style with these satin feather pants. Featuring details of feather trim that for sure add an extra dimension to your look. Shop the whole look from OFF DUTY.

Styling tip

Create your outfit to turn heads with the matching shirt, or you can make it your own with a bodysuit or cropped top. Whatever your style is, make these feather-trimmed trousers ready for a new night out.

Silky harem pants

If you’re searching for a wardrobe staple, look for the satin harem pants, as they will turn any outfit into a stylish ensemble. Check them out at BRANTU.

Styling tip

 The harem pants will work best with heels, so to have this stylish and feminine look, pair your pants with a basic shirt or a body suit and put on your heels; to be more fashionable, try the transparent strap sandals. Complete the look with your favorite silver accessories; they will complement your fashionable outfit. 

Silky jumpsuit

Jumpsuits create the most elegant looks, and what is good about them is that they can fit any occasion, whether a formal event or just a night out, All you have to do is play with the hair and accessorize.

Styling tip

Bring your favorite chain belt and add it to your jumpsuit to have this sexy shape, as belting up your jumpsuit at the waist is a perfect way to add some femininity to the look and will give you that curvy look. You can wear flat sandals if you are heading out for a summer party, or you can wear high heels if you are going to a formal event.

Slim fit silky trousers

If you want to dress in a ladylike way, then these slim-fit silky pants would be a pretty great choice to achieve the feminine look in a very natural way.

Styling tip

To achieve the elegant look, choose a bright color tone for your pants and pair them with a cropped top; it would go perfectly if it is the same color as the pants. Complete the outfit by layering golden necklaces and adding some golden bracelets to elevate your look.

The silky pants are popping up all over the place as they are this year’s most popular trend. You've got to get yours and get ready to style it up to look effortlessly fashionable.


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